Robin Gibb, Another Rock Legend Is Gone

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It’s somewhat ironic that two people who had so many connections to music, mainly disco music, passed away within days of each other.  First, the great Donna Summer, who just yesterday I paid tribute to in a special blog. Now, the sad news that Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees has died.

It’s true that the Bee Gees were on the music scene long before disco music with their first two-sided hit of, “I Can’t See Nobody” and “New York Mining Disaster 1941,” but it was their signature song from the movie “Saturday Night Fever,” “Stayin’ Alive” that connects them to the disco era.

As I wrote just yesterday, I never met Donna Summer nor the Bee Gees, but played their records on the radio as a disc jockey.  And, as I stated yesterday, I did see Donna in concert and, once again, did see the Bee Gees perform in concert.

There’s that old superstition that gets brought up every time more than one notable person passes on…..that things come in threes. I’m saddened enough losing two artists in a matter of a few days who I personally feel connected to by my own connection to music. That being 30 years on the radio playing their songs. I certainly hope that old superstition doesn’t hold any water….so to speak.

So, with the passing of Robin, MisfitWisdom remembers some of the Bee Gees music with some choice videos.  One, in particular that many of you may not have seen or heard.  At a concert some years ago they performed a new song for the audience in attendance. It was called, “Wouldn’t I Be Someone”  It never became a hit for the group, but it was, and still is one of my favorites:

Sometimes when you are into a group, such as the Bee Gees, you appreciate their music not only for the huge hits they produce, but for the lesser known songs that fall into the musical cracks and never become well-known. But that deserve listening to…such as  “Wouldn’t I Be Someone.”

Another favorite, “Lonely Days” had that smooth Bee Gee sound and slowly transformed into a heavy trumpet blaring beat that got your heart pumping. The groups falsetto wails quite evident throughout the songs upbeat moments and to the end:

Being from New England I felt sort of a connection to the song, “Massachusetts.” “The lights went out in Massachusetts”….so the song goes, and if you were around in 1965, you’ll recall when the Northeast blackout occurred.

Hmmmm…….soooooo, if you’re somewhere around 45 or 46 years old, guess what your parents were doing when the lights went out in Massachusetts.

OK…..OK…..I confess….geez…..I was doing the same thing!!  Cripes, give me a break….what else was there to do?

Two music legends gone in one week. We are all saddened. To quote from another Bee Gees song, for those of you who are feeling that loss and sadness….”How Do You Mend A Broken Heart.”

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1 Response to Robin Gibb, Another Rock Legend Is Gone

  1. Tom Santos says:

    The Bee Gees got an unfair title when they were labeled a disco group. Because of Saturday Night Live, and all the songs they wrote creating “disco”, they received the moniker. They actually started in 1965, many years before disco.

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