MisfitWisdom’s Tribute To Donna Summer

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At one point or another just about everyone has listened to a song by the great Donna Summer who passed away at an early age this week.  I, personally, when thinking of the “Disco” era in music would have to say that she would personify what disco and disco music was all about.

I have no personal connection to Donna other than playing her many hit records on the radio when I was a disc jockey as well as the many times I ended private DJ functions with, “Last Dance.”  The only time I was fortunate enough to see Donna in person was just last year in a concert at the Mohegan Sun Casino.  It was breathtaking.

The disco years would not have been what they were, in terms of the music, without Donna Summer.  The one exception being platform shoes and leisure suits. Only because I’m only 5 feet 4 inches tall and loved wearing platform shoes so that I could appear much taller than I actually was.  However, all the tall guys also wore platform shoes so that negated my gaining any height on those SOB’s.

As far as the leisure suits were concerned, it was great if you were a hot stud with chest hair, which, for the most part, I did not have, at least an over abundance of. So my disco dressing experience was short-lived.  Although I still have my platform shoes and wear them on special occasions. Usually shopping in stores so that I can reach objects on the top shelf.

My favorite Donna Summer song…..well, actually I have two.  The first of which is “Love To Love You Baby,” because of its sensual content, what with all of the moaning and groaning throughout the song.  The perfect song to be playing when you’re in a romantic situation with your loved one, or, if your really ugly and alone, a compliment to your moments alone with your favorite Playboy Magazine. (use your imagination on that one)

The second song, which I use quite frequently while I’m out for my morning speed walk around the local track is, “State of Independence.” It wasn’t a huge hit for Donna but really worth listening to if you haven’t heard it. Watch this special live performance:

Then there were her album covers. (album covers for those of you who either download music to your iPods or stupid phones are what us older folk used to purchase LP’s in prior to compact discs)  Below is one of my favorites, “On The Radio.”

The other, a more sensual photo of Donna on, “Love To Love You Baby.”  (enlarge the photo of the cover to see what I mean)

There were so many songs of Donna’s that deserve mentioning such as, “Bad Girls,” with her “toot toot, beep beep” references to hookers practicing their trade. Not that I have any first hand knowledge of such things mind you.  “I Feel Love,” with its pounding beat that makes you want to keep it handy on your iPod for those moments when you have to sprint at a very fast pace to the bathroom. Keeps ya moving.

Her matchup with Barbara Streisand on, “No More Tears” (Enough is Enough) shows that she could keep up with the vocal range of Streisand and belt a song out.  Nice message within that song as well.

And of course, “She Works Hard For The Money.”

I personally do not think that Donna got the respect that she so well deserved. On CNN Friday there was a mention as to if she would be considered for induction into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”  The commentators agreed that most likely she would be now that she has passed on. It’s a shame that someone of her talent who contributed so much to music, especially during the age of Disco music, will not be around to receive such an honor.

Seems like the powers that be always seem to wait till someone passes on to rightfully honor them.

Thank you Donna for the music, the inspiration you gave to all of us to get out there on that dance floor and show our, “Hot Stuff,” and do that final, “Last Dance” with you.

I’m retiring my platform shoes in memory of you.

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2 Responses to MisfitWisdom’s Tribute To Donna Summer

  1. Nice tribute. I was a little kid in the disco era and really remember very little, except for dancing to things like The Village People, Saturday Night Fever, etc. with my mom when we cleaned the house. I must have been a toddler still. Still,, as a result, the disco sound is very nostalgia inducing for me, so I like it. I also like bands that, to this day, incorporate disco sounds and beats into their music. For a while there, the Red Hot Chili Peppers did Donna’s “I Feel Love,” with former guitarist John Frusciante handling the falsetto very well, and bassist Flea laying down that great bass line. Anyway, Donna may be gone, but her music survives. Also, thanks for the rarer tracks—I especially liked “State of Independence.”

    • misfit120 says:

      Thanks…..appreciate your memories from that era and for your comments….: )

      Click here for my daily blog.https://misfit120.wordpress.com

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