Should You Talk About Sex With Your Pet?

You all knew this was going to happen eventually. Having to sit down with your pet and discuss the birds and the bees with them before you have to put them on government-funded birth control and then get attacked on a talk radio program for doing so.

Damn you Rush Limbaugh.

Yeah, if it wasn’t for him calling that woman a slut we wouldn’t have to go through that awkward moment of sitting down with Rover or Fluffy and explaining the ABC’s of sex.

Damn you again Rush Limbaugh.

Obviously no pet owner wants their pet to be a slut. Just the stigma of having the neighbors know that your pet may be insatiable when it comes to having sex and sex partners is enough to make you want to take action. Now there’s help.

A new birth control ad on television for pets sponsored by the “Best Friends For Animals Society”will be airing soon. Instead of having to take your pet into a room by itself and sit down with a glass of wine nervously thinking about just what you’re going to say to him, or her, you can simply sit on the sofa, turn on the ad on TV, and tell them to watch it.

You can explain any questions they may have after they’ve watched the video.

In the TV ads, voiced by “NCIS: LA” actress Linda Hunt and “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet, parents appear to be reacting to their kids’ promiscuity, only to have the kids replaced by their pets.

The way Katie Kindelan of “ABC News Blogs” explains it” “Once you start thinking of your pets as your kids, it’s a lot easier to think of what needs to be done to keep them from delivering offspring.”

Maybe get them to deliver newspapers instead of offspring.  Worked for me as a kid. Yep, delivered newspapers on my newspaper route and never gave much thought to sex or delivering any offspring. Um, until that new girl moved into my paper route area and we hit it off and um…er……neverrrrr mind. Maybe we should just get back to promiscuous animals.

The “Stop Your Pet From Having Sex and Being Called A Slut by Rush Limbaugh Campaign,” is actually called, “Prevent More. Fix At Month Four.”  Although I personally think my campaign slogan was much better.

The campaign is the first national effort to educate pet owners on when, not just why, they should spay and neuter, (ouch) according to the Society.

First, you can watch the commercial: (if it’s not displayed below,you may have to copy and paste the link below into your browser for a look see….then come back to this blog………..or I’ll have you neutered.

Ok…I’m assuming you either were successful and saw the commercial or you said, screw it, and came back to this blog for the rest of the story……as newscaster Paul Harvey used to say.

The main reason for this neutering campaign is so that all of us will not feel guilty about zapping off Rover’s or Fluffy’s whatever it is they zap off when they neuter or spay a pet so that they can’t have children.  Um….besides other dogs and cats…or whatever, depending on what kind of pet you have.

There was no mention of exotic pet neutering such as ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, or Chia Pets. That might come at a later date with a new and expanded neutering video.

According to ABC News Blogs, the Utah based non-profit society says it hopes that the ads will grow into a cultural movement.  “We are hoping to maintain a long-term traction by shifting the mindset of our country.  It will be commonplace to fix your pet at four months, reducing the number of pets that enter, and ultimately never leave our shelters.”

Which may be the most sensitive way to tell your pet exactly what you have in mind.

Using the word, “fix” in your conversation with Rover or Fluffy, instead of the words, “neuter” or “spay” or “sorry, we’re gonna cut off your sex organs before Rush Limbaugh finds out we let you guys run rampant all over the neighborhood having uncontrolled sex with other animals,” the word “fix”seems to be a more kinder approach and shows that you have some compassion for your pets feelings.

Damn you Rush Limbaugh!

Yet another reason to neuter or spay your pet

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