Philosopher Bristol Palin On Gay Marriage. WTF!

First…….this thought on same-sex marriage:

Yes folks. Our most renowned philosopher on life, marriage, traditional family values, and how to make a gazillion dollars from stupid people who want to know what life is all about from an experienced person’s point of view, Bristol Palin, has a few words of advice for all of us on same-sex marriage.

Bristol, who as you all know by now, has had much experience when it comes to raising a family and, of course, family values, has taken a stance against President Barack Obama’s support of same-sex marriage. Mainly because Obama said that he reached his decision by observing his children’s attitudes towards friends who have same-sex parents.

Professor Palin wrote a blog post which was, “laced with contempt” for the President and same-sex unions according to a story by Saul Relative from “Yahoo’s Contributor Network.”

(Saul Relative may or may not be a relative of Palin or anyone else reading this story but you might wanna check that one out. Relatively speaking of course)

The main reason Palin gave for her “contempt” of the President was that it went against, “thousands of years of thinking about marriage.”  Not that “she” herself has spent “thousands of years  “thinking about marriage.  Sex, maybe, but surely not marriage.

Sooooooo let me see if I, a mere speck of dust in the Universe, can understand this completely.

Bristol Palin, who became a super star and darling of the television world by having a baby out-of-wedlock, (not to be confused with the word “warlock”) should not take any heat for her actions and the example she has set for young teenage girls. Which to me, again, a mere speck in the universe, goes along the same line of, “thousands of years of thinking about marriage.”

WHAT!!  She didn’t go along with “thinking about thousands of years of thinking about marriage” when she was rolling in the hay with Levi?  Was she thinking at all?  DUH!

So, in perspective, even though “thousands of years of thinking about marriage” did not fall into the equation when Bristol and Levi were, again, “rolling in the hay” does she actually think that because she’s against gay marriage we’re all gonna raise our hands up in joy and yell, “hallelujah”!!! Give me a freakin’ break.

Look folks, Bristol has no room to criticize ANYONE about ANYTHING. You know the old saying. “Let he who hath no sin cast the first stone.”  In Bristol’s case me thinkith it was a brick that she tried to castith.

(I’m reverting back to the way they used to speakith in Biblical times when stones were in great abundance and they castith themith at sinners who did not knowith the righteous ways of thinking)

That, and the fact that there were not a lot of bricks available back then.

Look….I don’t give a rats ass about who marries whom. Doesn’t affect me at all. Not one single iota. Whatever an iota is. I think it’s the ninth letter in the Greek alphabet.  Which is possibly what Bristol’s logic is….GREEK. My apologies to any Greeks who may be offended by my comparison of Bristol Palin’s logic to that of Greeks.

Like your pizza and baklava by the way.

What the hell does it matter what Bristol “freakin” Palin says ANYHOW!  WHAT!!!

For that matter, what the hell does it matter what anyone thinks about same-sex marriages?  I don’t, again, give a freakin’ rats ass!  Does it affect each and every one of you out there if two same-sex couples want to get married? WHY?

It’s not like you’re going to come down with some dreaded disease if two same-sex couples get married for cripes sake!  If they wanna get married, who cares! That’s what we here, at least those with brains, call, “freedom of choice.” Like, for instance, getting knocked up by your boyfriend (Bristol) and not being married.

Did I, again, give a rats ass that Bristol was with child and not married? NO!  UNTIL……she started telling every single young female teenager not to have sex cause it was the wrong thing to do and then made gazillions of dollars on tours and writing books. Really good example.

So, when it comes to “contempt” for the President because of his stance on gay marriage, me thinkith Ms. Palin is simply seeking more media attention. Which of course equates to more $$$$$$$.

Finally……for those of you who agree with Ms. Palin. I have a few simple questions for ya.

Do you really think that gays are simply going to go away?  Do you really think that they should have absolutely no rights whatsoever?  Being against gays and gay marriage affects your life how?  And finally, do you absolutely hate these following people:

K.D. Lang; Liberace; Little Richard; Rosie O’Donnell; Dusty Springfield; Lily Tomlin; Pete Townshend; Cary Grant; Hans Christian Anderson; Rock Hudson; J. Edgar Hoover; Elton John; Anne Heche; Billie Jean King; Alexander The Great; Horatio Alger; Richard Chamberlain; Socrates; Walt Whitman; Oscar Wilde; Leonard Bernstein; Tennessee Williams; Andy Warhol; Michelangelo; Leonardo da Vinci; Greta Garbo; Marie Antoinette; Julius Caesar; Melissa Etheridge; Ellen DeGeneres.

All of the above people are either gay, lean towards being gay or have had bi-sexual leanings. If you condemn any of these individuals for their sexual orientation, BUT….at the same time, simply love their music, art, contributions to society or their place in history……better give Bristol Palin a call.

She’ll help you with your “right way of thinking.”

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