I Think I’m Losing My Sense Of Humor….OMG!!!

Now look folks, I’ve been around for a very long time and I pride myself in knowing what’s extremely funny, mildly funny, or…..”OK…tell me when I’m supposed to laugh.” But that last one is only when my other half tells me a joke.

Granted, I may be in the “dinosaur” generation when it comes to some of today’s humor, but, for the most part you can tell me a funny joke and I DO get it. BUT…..I came across a video on “Yahoo” yesterday with comedian Reggie Watts on the show, “Seven Minutes In Heaven” hosted by Mike O’Brien. Whoever Mike O’Brien is.

Maybe I’m just outta the loop.

First, take a look at the extremely hilarious video…(I’m being a bit sarcastic here) and then come back to this blog:


Ok…I can see that you’re rolling on the floor with tears coming out of your eyes. If you are, then I’ve got a few dozen lame jokes for ya along with my own set of fairy tales on Amazon’s “Kindle” for 99 cents that you can laugh your butt off at entitled, “A Grim Look At Fairy Tales.”

I don’t get it!  THAT was supposed to be a hilarious video of Reggie Watts telling a fairy tale about a monster and a little girl. WTF! I personally fail to see the side-splitting humor in this.  Am I losing it?  Am I out of touch with what humor is? Should I be watching videos of Mitt Romney telling a joke to appreciate really good humor?

After all, Mitt’s wife says the guy is off the wall funny.

Ok…Ok….ya wanna know what “I” think is funny stuff. At least when it comes to fairy tales…..my book aside. Cause I know none of you are gonna go to Amazon Kindle and fork over 99 cents to find out.  Here’s an example of a fairy tale narration that’s funny. “Little Blue Riding Hood” by Stan Freberg.


Well at least the pictures in that video were not stick figures.  Gotta cut Freberg some slack there folks.

I dunno, maybe I am losing it. (sigh)

WAIT!!!  Gimme just one more chance. Again, Stan Freberg. This time with animation and not drawings in “St. George and the Dragonnet.”


OK….I feel a lot better now.  I think I do still have a sense of humor thank Gawd.

HEY….I look at it this way….if I’m getting daily hits on my blog from the Russian Federation, (as confirmed by the monkeys at “WordPress”) then I MUST indeed have a sense of humor.

Because you all know how hard it is to get a Russian to laugh at anything.


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