Frog Sitting On A Wall Video Goes Viral? WTF!

WHAT!  A freakin frog sits on a wall taking a short break from everyday frog activities and it goes viral on the Internet! WTF!

How to tell the difference between a normal frog sitting on a stump, or wall, from a perverted one.

THIS is what we’re all into on a Sunday. A damn frog sitting on a wall!

PEOPLE!  Wake Up for Gawd’s sake. There’s much more important things out there to be concerned with than a frog sitting on a wall! Cripes….I see frogs all the time just sitting around on logs, a bench, on rocks, and occasionally on television. Yeah…on television!  Have ya ever heard of Kermit! Geez!

Ok…ok….first take a look at this “Yahoo” video posted below, which of course is from “Yahoo” and contains the entire story along with your necessary commercial from “Yahoo” for whatever product they’re pushing before you actually get to see the video.

(When I watched the video it was a “Progressive” insurance ad. Most likely because auto accidents sometimes occur while you’re driving down the road, see a frog sitting on a wall, get distracted and crash into a tree)

Ok….watch the video…I’ll wait here for ya.

Frog relaxes, world goes wild (Video) | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News



Oh…are ya back? See….I told ya….it’s just a stupid frog sitting on a wall. Big deal. Frogs sit all over the place every day of the week. What else are they gonna do other than snatch a fly in mid-air every now and then or just sit around on a lily pad observing nature.

What happens to a frog who's not sitting on a wall but at an airport and accidentally mistakes an airplane for a fly.

Show me a frog doing something really unusual, like driving down the Interstate in a Corvette with a hot blonde sitting next to him and THAT I can understand going viral. But sitting on a damn wall?

Now, that said, which I just did, I’ll say this… me a frog sitting on a wall singing a tune, and THAT I can understand going viral too. As an example…..please observe the video below, as supplied by “YouTube,”….go ahead….I’ll wait.



Ok…..see what I mean folks. Now THERE’S a frog I’d even pay a few bucks to see in concert never mind just sitting on a damn wall doing absolutely nothing. Show me a frog that can sit on a wall and belt out a tune like Janis Joplin and ya got my money.

So, there ya have it folks….today’s top attraction on a Sunday. A frog on a freakin’ wall.


I just spent my entire morning writing this story when I could have been out jogging in the park and observing my own damn frogs sitting on a wall….or a lily pad.

How sad.

Why it's not a good idea, if you're a Princess, and happen to meet a frog sitting on a wall, to invite him over for a night of intimacy.

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