Brass Balls: Do You Have A Pair?

If you do, have a pair of “brass balls” that is, I certainly hope your “Fruit of the Looms” can withstand the pressure. It’s a heavy load to bear. Yet, many people out there do sport “brass balls.”

Which led me to create another MisfitWisdom award along with the current “Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award.” This shall be known as the “MisfitWisdom Brass Balls Award.” Or for short, “MWBBA”

What sparked me into creating this prestigious award was the recent story about Michigan lottery winner Amanda Clayton who won a $735,000 jackpot but decided to remain on the state assisted food stamp program. THIS takes a huge set of brass balls. AND, considering most women do not sport balls per se, at least most of the women I’ve known in my lifetime, with the exception of that one time I was in a bar and this deep-throated woman approached me and…um…er……neverrrr mind.

Anyhow, because women do not have those, (balls) it might be a great honor for any woman to receive this MisfitWisdom honor. If only to experience actually having a set of balls. Brass ones to boot.

Back to Clayton.  She felt that winning the Michigan lottery shouldn’t have disqualified her from receiving food stamp assistance. After all, it’s not like it was a regular income or anything. Geez….it’s only $735,000 for cripes sake.

So, she gets the very first “MWBBA” award. BUT…..there’s more.

She has to share it with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Because he too has a biggggg set of brass balls for what he intends to do about anyone who wins a lottery and is on state assistance.  He signed a law requiring the state lottery to notify the Human Services Department when someone wins at least $1,000.

Holy crap! $1,000. Geez…..if ya win that you’re basically set for life-like Amanda Clayton who won a mere $735,000. Gosh…if I won $1,000 that would surely set me up for the rest of my life folks. Hell, I could call Social Security and cancel my checks. Cancel my Medicare coverage and call the town and tell them to scrap my tax break because I’m a Veteran.

Not only that, but think of all the places I could go to that I never had the money to visit before. Lavish vacations in Hawaii. Buying my other half expensive jewelry at Tiffany’s. Being able to play five dollar slot machines at casinos. Actually filling up my truck with a full tank of gas. Goleeeee all of the things I could do with that $1,000 for the rest of my life. Who the freak needs to win Powerball with THAT kinda money?

Yesireee Governor….you got the right idea there. Catch them damn varmints winning $1,000 or more and cut their damn freeloading asses from receiving any assistance. I’m with ya Gov. A thousand bucks is a hell of a lot of money if ya ask me. Surely enough in this day and age for anyone to never have to work again or ever have to depend on state aid.

Gov… sure do have a BIGGGGGGGGG set of brass balls.

So not only do you and Amanda receive the coveted MisfitWisdom “MWBBA” award, but ya get the fuzz that comes along with it. And by “fuzz” I’m not talkin’ about cops. I’m talkin’ about the itchy stuff between your brains and legs.

Which raises the final MisfitWisdom question: “Where the F**K do these idiots come from?”

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