I’m About To Put My HDTV on Birth Control Pills

I don’t know what the hell is going on with a few television shows lately. It seems to me that all of a sudden my favorite shows are getting wimpy.  By “wimpy” I mean that all of a sudden writers of certain shows are bringing pregnancy and babies into their story lines.

Case in point. “Bones” and “In Plain Sight.” In “Bones,” Agent Seely Booth, (David Boreanaz) and Dr. Temperance Brennan, (Emily Deschanel) just had a baby.  Well, Dr. Temperance actually had the baby and not Agent Booth. Although, if Booth actually had the baby, it might have made the story line a bit more interesting.

Ok….so they had a baby. Geez….goleee…oh wow….makes me wanna watch the show even more.  NOT! Why in the hell would I personally give a rats ass about seeing a baby introduced into the story line of “Bones.” On top of that, two other characters in  the show also had a baby. WTF!

Look you guys who write these scripts. Do ya have any idea why I watch “Bones” in the first place? Do ya?

I watch it to see dead people’s bones splattered all over the countryside, eaten up by a bunch of rabid squirrels, squished on an Interstate Highway, or discovered in a dumpster intertwined with some banana peels, coffee grounds and your usual crawly bugs that feed off of dead body parts. At which time the experts at the Jeffersonian attempt to figure out whose bones they are and how they got there.

So why do I need to follow the trials and tribulations of Booth and Temperance changing diapers and cleaning up baby barf?  I don’t get it.

If Booth had kept his own “bone” where it belongs, in his freakin’ pants, perhaps one of my favorite shows wouldn’t now suck.

Then there’s “In Plain Sight.” U.S. Marshalls protecting witnesses who witnessed something and need protection….like witnessing Booth and Temperance having sex during the commercials in “Bones.”

Mary McCormack plays Mary Shannon in the show and SHE just had a baby. WTF! And…in both of these shows neither couple are married. Who the hell is producing these shows?  Bristol Palin?

Now it’s bad enough trying to keep track of the story line what with bones, body parts and witnesses all over the place bumping into each other.  And just as I start to get into the meat of the story, in come the babies, which is where I completely lose interest in both shows.


If I wanna see a bunch of cute little small cuddly babies I’ll go hang out a maternity ward. I can see THEM anytime. Bones and witnesses in trouble I can’t. I don’t need to see baby barf on TV either. I have 5 cats and they supply me with enough barf to keep me satisfied.

You know what I think. I think “Bones” and “In Plain Sight” are off my viewing list. Unless they wise up and cut the baby stuff and give me more bones and witnesses scared out of their gourds. Unless….there’s a baby that happened to spot Agent Booth attempting to breast feed and then needs to go into the witness protection program before Booth tries to silence the kid.

I might watch that one.

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1 Response to I’m About To Put My HDTV on Birth Control Pills

  1. santostom says:

    I agree with you, these murder and goury shows are no place for children. Unless they can contribute to the cause. “I’m sorry, I can’t investigate today, I can’t find a sitter”. No, no, no.

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