Skimpy Bra and Panty Day Thanks To Jennifer Love Hewitt.

(UPDATE) Squeamish Lifetime network panty waists apparently thought Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cleavage was way to much for the politically correct anti-cleavage bunch so they altered the original ad to give her less cleavage and a bit less leg. Jennifer, however, remains the same with her original boobs with cleavage and legs. Don’t ya just love those people who know what’s best for us.

First ya see them....then ya don't


Yes folks, today, is skimpy bra and panty day…of course, being a male slug, one of my favorite blog subjects. I know, it’s Sunday and I should be ashamed of myself for writing about bras and panties. But, I kinda look at it this way, if my other half, along with gazillions of other women can wear bras and panties on a Sunday, then why in the hell shouldn’t I be able to write about them……the bras and panties I mean. Seems logical to me.

Besides, because this blog is about the new TV series “The Client List” which features a lot of bras and panties. Ya gotta cut me some slack here.

(NOTE:) If you are a dyed in the wool politically correct ultra right-wing off the freakin’ wall Conservative do not continue reading this blog as it will upset you and ruin your day)

Otherwise….if you’re a low down left-wing Liberal who has absolutely no morals at all, hey, welcome to today’s MisfitWisdom bra and panty blog.

In this instance, the bra and panties are being supplied courtesy of “Lifetime” TV’s new show, “The Client List,” which I’m assuming has to deal with clients on some sort of list. Possibly prospective clients interested in purchasing Electrolux vacuum cleaners. My guess anyhow.

WAIT!  OMG!  It isn’t about prospective Electrolux clients . It’s about a tight-knit group of women who happen to perform certain acts behind closed doors.  Possibly vacuuming in their bras and panties using very sensual hose attachments.

Hewitt says that “I think it’s sexier not to show everything, (hose attachments) I feel people’s imaginations can do way more.”  Yes, you’re absolutely correct Jennifer. I can attest to that fact from my own childhood experiences in the 7th grade lusting over Sandra Ferkenstokle who used to wear those pointy bras. Which is the main reason I flunked the 7th grade, eventually gave up trying to get out of the 7th grade, and became a disc jockey. Damn pointy bras.

Hewitt says that even though she did not have to do any naked scenes for the series she still felt a bit uncomfortable around the other actors.  “Even though they were actors, the guys were strangers to me at the time. I’m sort of there in lingerie and everything, so it does take a couple of takes to sort of feel comfortable with it”.  Which I’m sure the crew and those other actors, (males) had nooooo problem with. Heh heh.

How to coax a ghost to cross over to the other side in the "Ghost Whisperer."

“It’s Ok Jennifer…take 25……jsusssst take alllll the time ya need….(pant)”

Jennifer plays a struggling Texas mom, Riley Parks, (no relation to Bert Parks) who turns to prostitution to help support her family.

“Sooooo mom, how was your day?”

“Fine Johnny, just a lot of ups and downs.”

You may remember Jennifer’s last TV series, “The Ghost Whisperer” when she used to converse with all sorts of ghosts, some of who were in their own bras and panties, because, sometimes when ya die, you’re, for most of us,  obviously in bed, possibly wearing bras and panties, and I guess that’s how you go to Heaven and how a ghost whisperer would see you. Unless of course you’re a guy, in which case you’d be in your Fruit of the Looms. Then again, there are guys who like to wear um…er…..neverrrrr mind.

How to coax "ANYONE" to cross over to the other side.

Cybill Shepherd, of “Moonlighting” fame is co-starring on the show as well.  Although I’m not sure if she appears in bras and panties. Unless she’s wearing them under her clothes, which I’m sure she will, but may not expose them as Jennifer does.

Cybill Shepherd, also starring in "The Client List," attempting to coax a few ghosts over to the other side as well. SHE wearing one of those pointy bras? Damn!

The only problem with the storyline is that it portrays message therapists who may appear to be one step removed from prostitution according to the article by Dave Nemetz, of Yahoo TV. (no relation to Admiral Nimitz)

Jennifer said that for years she played a medium on “Ghost Whisperer,”and for five years  “the mediums never complained about the fact that I had cleavage while she was crossing people over into the light.”

Like I always say, if you’re gonna be coaxed into crossing over into the light, cleavage is always an incentive.  Which is most likely why mediums never complained too. Most of which probably may have used cleavage to help their clients cross over into the light. Hell, if I had a medium telling me to cross over and she had cleavage she could talk me into anything.

(NOTE) Any mediums reading this who do not use cleavage as an incentive for crossing over might want to reconsider using that tactic.

One more note. If perhaps the “Client List,” which debuts tonight at 8PM on “Lifetime,” has any clients of a political nature which may or may not resemble any current political notable, excluding Elliott Spitzer, who was on a client list, but, is no longer a client, on any list, I think, they might wanna check the script of the show….jussssst in case.

So, those of you who “love” Jennifer LOVE Hewitt may “love” this show and feel nothing but “love” for her character as well as “love” for the massage profession and undying “love” for “Victoria’s Secret” for all the “love” they put into their bra and panty creations. Which Jennifer may or may not be wearing.

I for one, will make it a “point” to be watching “The Client List” so that I can reflect on my 7th grade school days once again and remember quite fondly Sandra Ferkenstokle………………….

Who’s pointy bra caused me to repeat the 7th grade twice………………

Because Sandra’s sister Carol Ferkenstokle, who also wore a pointy bra, was in the same class I repeated. Damn!

7th grade photo of Sandra Ferkenstokle obtained from Harvey Shmoltz who sat next to me in class and always carried a camera in his lunch bag. Thanks Harvey.....ya damn pervert.

(Disclaimer) No eyes were damaged by pointy bras in the writing of today’s blog.

(DONATE) The MisfitWisdom pointed PayPal donate link is posted below. If it is not highlighted, (blue) copy and paste the link into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site.  No compensation for mentioning “Victoria’s Secret” or “Lifetime” TV was received by MisfitWisdom.  However, I did receive a lick and a promise from my other half. Or was it, I promise you I’ll “kick” your a** if you write that lick and a promise line. I’m not sure.

Now….a tribute to pointy bras courtesy of YouTube and Playtex:

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