Blige Burger King Ad Pulled…..Chickens In Uproar

Burger King has pulled an ad featuring Mary J. Blige after much criticism from various sources.  Mainly from the black community that the ad is stereotypical. Or as the black woman oriented website “Madame Noire” likened it, “buffoonery.”

I personally have not seen the ad due to the fact that it was pulled from everywhere in creation before I could view it.  So I’m kinda writing this blind so to speak. I’m just going to assume that there was some issue with chicken and the black community and what Madame Noire was referring to was that such an association was borderline stereotypical.

The notice indicating that the Burger King ad with Mary J. Blige was not available. Either that or I inadvertently accessed a site that contains naked photos of chickens and it was censored.

It was either that, or the chicken community itself was up in arms, or wings, or perhaps even breasts that chickens were once again being stereotyped as well.  I’m not quite sure how all this got to be controversial, and why Burger King went into a state of panic and pulled their ads. They cite licensing issues for pulling the ad, but I, for one, didn’t think chickens needed any licenses at all.

Yes, chickens have never received the due respect that they so well deserve, and that alone could possibly be a reason Burger King pulled their ads. Because they favor cows. All ya have to do is think about where hamburgers come from……COWS!  Not chickens.

I for one do not see or understand why the black community would be all up in arms because Mary J. Blige was singing in that ad and it contained references to chickens, or chicken sandwiches, or chicken something. I’m not quite sure what part of a chicken the ad was for or if any mention of what the chickens ethinticity was.

However, Jay Leno as well as Salma Hayek were also doing their own versions of the ad for Burger King. I’m not sure if those ads were pulled as well, but I was unable, once again, to find an actual video.  I did find a lot of chicken videos, many of which were x-rated, and decided not to post any of them due to the sensitivity this time of year within the chicken population.  That, and most of the videos contained naked chickens.

You realize of course that, as I mentioned a few days ago, that this time of year, (EASTER) chickens do not receive any well deserved credit for Easter eggs. This due to the fact that bunnies get all the credit. Yes….the chickens toil day in and day out laying those eggs only to have stinkin’ rabbits swoop in, beat feet with all  those eggs, color them, and pawn them off as their own creations.

Holy chickens**t, (literally) is it THAT time of the year already!!!!!

Do ya see any organizations stepping in to protest THAT!  No, of course not.  Most likely due to the fact that there is no ethinticity issues involved. Only because, I’m assuming, no one really knows what ethnic background a chicken is.

Once again a simple chicken advertisement becomes embroiled in controversy because a popular singer sings about chickens, or chicken sandwiches.  HEY….suppose Mary J. Blige was singing about cow or pig sandwiches. Then what!  I don’t hear anybody screaming about hamburgers and bacon being a bit of buffoonery!

It seems to me that food and singers singing about food regardless of what animal is involved should not become an issue that goes viral on the web and drags in everyone who has an issue with it because it is interpreted as being stereotypical to any one ethnic group.  NO ethnic group should claim that ANY food is strictly associated to their specific ethinticity and feel that if an ad portraying that specific food is demeaning to them.

Yes, you can link spaghetti to Italians, and baklava to Greeks, and chop suey to Chinese and chili to Chile……well, maybe not that last one, but you get the point. Yet we all eat all of that stuff, so why should anyone become upset because Mary J. Blige sings about chickens? It’s NOT stereotyping because IT’S NOT!!!!

Why…..because if Papa Gino’s or Domino’s  or whatever made a singing video with Andrea Bocelli singing about pizza with a bunch of pepperonis dancing around I personally wouldn’t be offended because I’m Italian.  Unless of course those pepperonis were dressed in colorful Italian clothing or were portrayed as Mafia pepperonis…………….

offering me a Papa Gino’s or Dominos Pizza offer I couldn’t refuse.


“What is it Giovanni?”

“Da Misfit refusedda pizza offer I made to him.  And I even brokea into a chorus of “That’s Amore” too.”

“OK….Giovanni……go to his house tonight, sneak into his bedroom while he’s sleeping, and leave a hot pizza on his bed while he sleeps…….”

And now….a fitting tribute to all chickens:

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