Levi Johnston Pollinates AGAIN! Spermapalozza Gone Wild!

Ya gotta love a guy that just keeps on giving. In this instance, Levi Johnston. You remember him.  Sure ya do.  Remember….he was the guy who brought on stardom, fame and fortune to Bristol Palin by having sex with her. So whys stop there when you can bring stardom, fame and fortune to another deserving woman.

This kid is like a bee…..keeps on pollinating.

Way ta go Levi....alright my man.....great job......whooo hoooo.....let's hear it for the Levister

Yes….Levi has released his “Spermapalozza” on his 20-year-old girlfriend Sunny Oglesby, a teacher who is living with Levi in, you guessed it folks, Wasilla, Alaska.  How convenient. Wasilla, Alaska the home of Sarah, Todd and Bristol Palin.  Can you think of another place better suited for another rising star to be christened.

Obviously Levi has never attended any of his ex girlfriend’s speaking tours where she warned young female teenagers not to have um…er………..?

……hmmmmm……what the hell was it that she was warning young female teenagers not to have?

OH YEAH!  I remember……SEX!  Or, at least sex BEFORE you get married.  WHY?  Because it’s not nice.  And people will scorn you and you’ll be stuck, as a teenager, all alone by yourself at home toiling away at raising a child when all of your friends are out having teenage fun.

Yes….(sigh) I remember how Bristol gave birth to Levi’s child and missed out on all that teenage fun. (sigh)  She had to endure the hardships of appearing on “Dancing With The Stars.”  THEN…..day after day of speaking tours telling other teenagers how awful it was to be pregnant and have to raise a child.  THEN…..the rigors of having to write a book about it all.  All this because Levi couldn’t keep his ding-a-ling in his pants.

Um….did I mention that Bristol is now a gazillionaire from all of that awful stuff she had to go through. Poor child.

Um….did I fail to mention that Levi said, “Bristol wanted to have a baby.” And went on to say, “It all happened on purpose, and I was dumb enough just to roll with it.”

As yes….”roll with it.”  Perhaps in the hay maybe.

So now Levi, and his new love are expecting.  If Levi is smart, he’ll get a signed agreement with Sunny stating that if they ever breakup and she appears on “Dancing With The Stars,” writes a book, goes on tour, and makes a gazillion dollars, that he gets a cut of the money that will come rolling in. It’s only fair ya know.

Sunny herself could possibly cut a deal with that juice company that makes “Sunny Delight.”

The official drink of Wasilla, Alaska.....home of Levi and Sunny

“Hi, my name is Sunny and I’m delighted to be the spokeswoman for “Sunny Delight” because I’m not only a “Sunny Delight” drinker, but I’m also very sunny and delighted that I’m going to have a baby thanks to that sunny guy Levi Johnston.”

Hey….it’s a start!

From there……television appearances, speaking tours on the merits of drinking “Sunny Delight,” a book on the advantages of being sunny and delighted, um, or is it the advantages of first being “delighted,” and THEN sunny.  Not being present at the initial moment of conception I’m not sure on that one.  I’ll have to check what the the weather conditions were in Wasilla on the day Levi and Sunny unleashed Spermapalozza.

Too bad Levi never cut a deal with “Levi” jeans.  However he might still stand a chance. This photo, courtesy of “U S Weekly” shows him standing in a rather sensual pose with his hand in his pocket obviously keeping those Spermapalozza’s at bay. Either that, or he’s into pocket pool.

Left ball....side pocket........SCORRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!

So folks, once again Wasilla, Alaska makes the news thanks to Levi and Sunny. One can only wonder where this relationship will go. Will Levi and Sunny settle down in Wasilla and spend many happy evenings on their patio gazing out at the stars, and Russia?  Will Bristol Palin and Sunny become friends and join the PTA?  Will there be a new reality show entitled, “Fornicating With Levi?”  And finally………………………..

Does the fact that Levi Johnston looks suspiciously like David Letterman have anything to do with his sexual attractiveness? (study both photos verrrry closely)

David Letterman

One can only wonder.

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