AMC’s “The Killing.” Take A Hint Program Executives….”KILL IT!”

“Once Upon A Time,” as I like to refer to things because I love stories that begin with “once upon a time,” I used to love television programs that had a story line that went from week to week. Providing of course I could actually follow the story line from week to week.

For instance, “Fringe.”  I started watching it the first couple of seasons and then got lost within the storyline because I couldn’t keep track of the characters living in one dimension and then in the other. I have enough trouble as it is living in my own dimension, never mind a bunch of wackos in another dimension. I actually lost track of who the bad guys and the good guys were. It’s not like the bad guys wore black hats and the good guys white ones ya know.

So I soured on watching THAT series.  Then came “V” with all those freaked out aliens who want to eat people. I watched an entire season of that until that also got a bit off the damn wall. Besides, I’m not to crazy about man eating lizards in the form of a really good looking hot babe…..Anna, as played by Morena Baccarin in the series.

Morena Baccarin who plays "Anna" on "V." Which gives new meaning the the phrase, "eat me."

The only series I can actually say that I watched which ended with an actual “end” was “Life On Mars,” which had sort of cute ending similar to the original Bob Newhart show where he wakes up in bed with his wife and finds out it was all a dream. Brilliant ending. Of course he never explained to his wife why he was dreaming about owning an inn in Vermont and making out with some other woman who was his wife. Hmmm, maybe in another series they’ll cover that.

Anyhow, I’ve sworn, (#!%$#!!) off of watching ANYTHING that resembles a series. Other than the World Series.

This after watching the first season of “The Killing.”  The, (executives at AMC) promised…..yes, “promised” us the viewers that we would know who the hell killed Rosie Larsen by the end of the series.  They lied!  Dirty rotten no good ratfinks.

So this coming April 1st “The Killing” starring Mireille Enos, returns with yet another 13 episodes of who the freak killed Rosie Larsen. Cripes….don’t these people have a damn CSI team that can figure it out already! Do ya need two years for cripes sake?

"Who Killed Rosie Larsen." My guess would be whoever wrote graffiti all over Rosie's picture here.

Well ya ain’t gonna suck me into that one again AMC. Nope….I’ve learned my lesson. If Jesse Stone, (Tom Selleck) can solve a freakin’ crime in the town of Paradise, Maine with three people on the police department, one of whom is a damn dog, why in the hell can’t detectives in Seattle figure this one out?

Another point. That series is filmed in Seattle where it’s always raining which depresses me as it is. Bad enough while watching the show I have to get up every 20 minutes to go to the bathroom what with the water effect constantly going on with all that damn rain.

Now take into consideration that this show was a huge hit in Denmark. Yes….in DENMARK!  WTF!  So like do they think because it was a big hit in Denmark it’s going to be a big hit here?  Other countries don’t have the same mind set as we Americans. Maybe in Denmark they have a lot of time on their hands watching series that go on for ever and ever. Or, trying to figure out why people keep using the phrase, “Something Smells Rotten In Denmark.” On top of that, just compare British humor to that of American humor and you’ll get my point.

Gretchen Mol from "Life On Mars." If you've seen her playing
"Bettie Page" then you'll know why I jumped at the opportunity to post a pic of her. (pant)

Executive producer of the show, Veena Sud, which is verrrry close to the word “dud,” thought that AMC should stick to the original plan which was to reveal the teenager’s death at the end of the 13-episode second season.  Good idea considering they started out with 4.6 million lemmings watching the show and then it dropped to 2.3 million when all of us finally figured out that at the end of the series they weren’t gonna tell us who the hell killed Rosie Larsen.  Bastards.

Oh sure, try to suck me into another season!  I thinkith not Ms. Sud. Even though they claim they’re going to start the season out with a bang. HAH!  I’m not stupid ya know. I know what’s going to happen. Sure, knock off a few characters, bring in some new suspects, keep us dangling, and perhaps even have an episode where it doesn’t rain continuously in Seattle. Nope….not enough to make me watch it.

AND…..publicly, which means they said it in public, executives point out that in a study conducted, by them I guess, that only 1% of viewers (us) from the first season definitively would NOT watch it. SEE…..I told ya! Unless of course those 1% that aren’t going to watch it are the same 1% that run our country and are too busy screwing us out of our money to be bothered watching that program. My guess anyhow.

I flunked percentages in school.

Well, if you’re smart, the rest of you 99%, ya better take my advice and not get sucked into another season of “The Killing.”  Be smart about this folks.  If ya really wanna know who did in Rosie Larsen, wait till the very last episode and THEN, you’ll find out. How simple is THAT!

Sneak preview of the suspects in this seasons "The Killing." Photo was taken at police headquarters after a rather long rainy spell in Seattle.

Of course, if they decide to renew it for yet another season, then you’re basically screwed.

BUT….by that time, most of you will be saying to yourselves……….

Ya know what AMC……I really, at this point, don’t give a rats ass who the hell killed Rosie Larsen.

What I wanna know is who killed JFK. But only when you know the answer…………….. and ya can do it in one season.

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