What A Fool Believes* Subtitled: “Hey, you callin me a damn mushroom?”

*Yes, I know it’s a Doobie Brothers song.

The actual Doobie Brothers

It always amazes me during the political season, which usually lasts three or four seasons, the number of stories I come across that you’d have to be a fool to believe.

For instance, remember Harold Camping the preacher who insisted the world was going to come to an end. Hundreds, if not thousands of people actually fell for that one. Then there’s the scam that a lot of older people fall for that you always hear about. It’s when some old person gets a call from someone claiming to be a grandson stranded somewhere in East Nowhere and asks them to send thousands of dollars because they need the money to get out of jail.

An actual hamster smoking a "doobie" which has nothing to do with the Doobie Brothers but shares the same name.

“Hello, granny, this is Lil Chuckie, and I’m in trouble. I was pulling a bank job in Mexico when the Federalies nailed me and I need $25,000 cash for bail. Please, please, granny….send me the money.”

Of course Granny, being a compassionate person and somewhat overdosed a bit on cat fur dander, and, who feels sorry for little Chuckie, sends the money and becomes the victim of a scam. Which is where I bring this blog back to “What A Fool Believes” and our current political season, which as I said earlier, is Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. (Not to be confused with Princess Summerfall Winterspring of the old Howdy Doody show who, as far as I can determine, was not involved in any sort of politics)

Princess Summerfall Winterspring named after the length of the political campaign season which is usually four years and a total of 16 seasons combined.

For instance, if you fall into the “fool” category, you will actually believe that the President, any President, by listening to today’s slate of political buffoons, has control over what the price of gas is. The only gas the President has control over is his own gas, from eating gassy foods, depending on what gas relief product, like “Beano” or “Gas-Ex” he took. But, that said, will half the people reading this or any other, “blame the President for gas prices” actually research the facts. NO!

Again, it’s.”What A Fool Believes.”

(Um, if you’re reading this today and fall into the fool category, please stop reading today’s blog and immediately leave the room and go back to researching the President’s birth certificate……WAIT!  Sorry, THAT falls into the “fool” category too. Damn!  OK, OK, um….here’s one for ya…go back and research the Kennedy Assassination and reaffirm your belief that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.  Fool.)

Now, there are sure-fire scientific ways to determine if you fall into the “fool” and “What A Fool Believes” category. It’s really very simple.  This scientific method was developed by a voter, whom I shall not name, only because I don’t know his freakin’ name, but who I observed on a TV news program last week.  When asked who he would vote for when it came down to the final election for President, his response, “Anybody with an “R” after their name.”

(cue the Doobie Brothers)

As I said in an earlier blog, put an “R” after Hitler, Osama bin Laden, or the Reverend Harold Camping’s name and this idiot would vote for them.  Brilliant!  Why research the candidate to see what he or she stands for. That would be idiotic don’t ya think? Who ever heard of such a stupid thing.

Another instance. Only because it may take longer for some of you to grasp the point here. 26, yes, twenty-six state Attorney Generals, obviously from 26 different states, have filed suit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare. Did you know that ALL 26 have an “R” after their names. So…..look at it in perspective…..if that’s at all possible for you to do without being biased.

Ask yourself this. Why are there only Republicans filing suit and why are there no Democrats filing suit.  Each have an “R” or a “D” after their names. So why do they take their respective positions? Not because Obamacare is good or bad but only because if you have a “R” after your name, that’s what your SUPPOSED to do, and if you have a “D” you are EXPECTED to do.

NO ONE HAS A FREAKIN’ BRAIN TO MAKE A DECISION BASED ON CONSCIENCE OR WHAT IS GOOD OR BAD FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, “What A Fool……or Fools Believe.”

Former President Richard Nixon when running for a local office back in 560BC once ran a smear campaign accusing his opponent off all kind of things, short of sex with a sheep, in order to swing the vote count his way.

One of Nixon’s aides brought up the fact that none of the stuff Nixon was saying about his opponent was true at which point Nixon responded, “It doesn’t have to be true as long as I can get some of the people to believe it.”

Which, once again, brings us back to, “What A Fool believes.”

(I really should get a cut of the royalties from that Doobie Brothers song just for mentioning it)

Now, all that said, which I did just say, and have said many times before, we all have our choice of news sources. Excluding spouses, girlfriends, your mistress, and the mailman, because they’re too busy doing more important stuff.  Well, maybeeeeeeeeee the mailman cause ya don’t wanna piss of THAT guy with politics otherwise he might dump your Social Security check in the nearest storm drain.

But, whatever your news source is, because all news sources have agendas, believe it or not, after hearing their take on various political stories, go and research the facts on the amazing device called, “THE INTERNET.”

Here’s a research assignment for ya. Check on whether there actually really is a deficit. Check on whether Social Security and Medicare really is draining the government. Check on how many times Obama, and others, have produced his birth certificate. Check on Rick Santorum’s record when he was a Senator. Do that for Newt’s too. As for Romney, just check on him for the sake of checking on him because personally I’d never trust a guy who straps his dog to the top of his car and drives  60 MPH.

I really don’t think he’ll get the ASPCA vote. Sorry Mittso.

Furthermore, for those of you who do not believe that this is one of the most vile and disgusting political campaigns EVER….especially with relation to the President himself, go to the social media site, “Sodahead,” and click on the “news” option and read some of the hatred being spewed out on the President there.  Wanna know what all this stuff does? I’ll tell ya.

It fires up people to do and say stupid things. Like the woman who yelled out to Santorum while he was practicing at a firing range last week, “Pretend it’s Obama.”

So in conclusion, which I’m really trying to do, conclude, with a point to all this, is that you shouldn’t be a mushroom, be fed all this “s**t, which mushrooms need to survive and grow, and be in the dark, but that you should always attempt to keep an open mind, and research, research, research.  While you’re at it, ya might wanna research your researching by researching your researching by researching at various other research sites….just to get a consensus of opinions. Then form your own opinions based on….yes…..research.

Unless of course you like being a fool, love mushrooms, dark places that smell like s**t and your favorite song is, “What A Fool Believes.”

Like I've been saying...."what a fool believes."

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Cue the Doobie Brothers:

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