Lets Hear It For Susan Sarandon….This One’s For Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers, as we all know are begrudgingly slipping into the AARP generation. In other words, “Oh my God, I’m over 50 and approaching death!”

A major crisis for Baby Boomers.....what you have to look forward to.

Well, death really isn’t so bad when ya think about it. You really never know when it’s going to happen for the most part, and when it finally does, you’re DEAD!  How simple is THAT! So why worry about it. You could worry yourself to death worrying about it, in which case, then you’d know when it’s going to happen. Verrrry soon if you’re a worrier.

But, there is a bright side to getting old. Which is, so is everyone else. Like Susan Sarandon who is now 65 and hot looking as ever. AND….if you’re a young person reading today’s blog and thinking, “yuk,” there’s no way in hell I think she’s sexy.  Well dig this….she’s dating a 34 year-old guy.  NO….he’s not blind either you damn dummies.

You might recall that I did a blog a month ago about older women and pictured a few of them such as Marg Helgenberger. (pant)

I came across a story on Susan on “Now: Your Daily Does of Drugs”….um….no that’s not right, WAIT!  Oh, sorry, it’s “Now: Your Daily Dose Of Celebrity Nudes.”….RATS!….that’s not it either. OH…I read it wrong….dam biofocals…it’s called, “NOW: Your Daily Dose Of Celebrity News.” The headline for the article was entitled, “Susan Sarandon: I’m Happy To Be Considered Desirable.”  Geez…..so am I Susan.  Um, no, I’m not saying that “I’m” happy to be desirable, but that “you’re” happy to be desirable.  And, as you can see by the various photos I’ve posted of Susan, she “IS” verrrrry desirable.

A very talented artists drawing of Susan Sarandon. Check out the other pics in here and you can see that he was right on the mark.

Hmmmm…..am I gonna get some flack from Newt Gingrich because I said Susan is desirable? Will I have to offer Susan an apology?  Maybe not….I never used any of those words that get some people in the media all bent outta shape.

Susan will be starring in the dark comedy movie, “Jeff: Who Lives At Home,” playing the, (sigh) mother of Jason Segal, (lucky kid) and also has a recurring role on “30 Rock” as a seductive teacher who had affairs with high school students.

Which made me think back to my own high school days and some of the female teachers I had, none of which I would have wished seduced me.  You have to consider that when I was in school back in the late 50’s and early 60’s when most women teachers wore sack dresses and many of them had traces of moustaches.  Being seduced by one of them was the furthest thing from my mind….trust me on that one. I still get the willies thinking about that.

I told ya he was right on the mark.....or breasts.

Susan admits freely that she has had some plastic surgery, lipo under her chin and eyes, but that’s it.  But, the truth is, according to the article, is to remain sensual.

“I’m happy to be considered desirable. I love it.”  And she reveals her secret to remaining sensual.  “Breasts certainly help…..but it’s more of an attitude. Sexuality means that you’re saying yes to life.”

Yes Susan…..saying “yes” to life makes you more sexual.  And having a great set of breasts sure as hell helps. My thoughts anyhow.

Speaking of sexuality, and breasts, did any of you catch the Tuesday 3/20 episode of “Unforgettable” starring Poppy Montgomery? Poppy wore one of the most revealing low-cut dresses I have ever seen on TV.  I managed to find a clip of that show from the CBS website and took some photos because there’s no way I can describe this dress other than…….OMG!!!  (photos below)

Poppy's "Unforgettable" popping out party.

Poppy boobs-a-poppin

Poppy popping in "that" dress.

Anyhow, Poppy aside, reluctantly, I just thought I’d brighten up your day with all of these Susan Sarandon photos because it DOES say a lot about getting older, and, baby boomers sure as hell need some brightening up. What with impending death approaching….oops……..sorry.

So, enjoy life baby boomers and those of you who may be Susan’s age, (65) because to someone out there, if you’re single and Susan’s age, you can still look really hot.

Plastic surgery aside of course.

And, according to Susan…if ya have a great pair of boobs.

My motto, "If ya got it, flaunt it." See Baby Boomers, things aren't THAT bad.

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Header: chickart@cox.net

Now….especially for “Susan”….The Buckinghams

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