Bristol Palin Is Waiting For President Obama To Call Her* *Subtitled: DHYHOYAW She Gets The MW FFFF Award.

Once again it is with great pride that I present the MisfitWisdom, “Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award” to Bristol Palin. Honorable mention to newt Gingrich.

Presented in the category of……..”WTF.”

Awarded to Bristol Palin in the category of "Most Used For Other People's Benefit While Keeping My Name In The News." Honorable mention to Newt Gingrich in the category of ultimate stupidity.

Yes, I know that “DHYHOYAW” seems like it might be a Polish word, and it might very well be, but NOT in this case. It’s like when you tweet something or text and use stuff like “LOL” or “LMFAO.”

In this instance, “DHYHOYAW” means “Don’t Hold Your Hand On Your A** Waiting.” As in Bristol Palin waiting for a telephone call from President Obama to offer her an apology because he offered an apology to law student Sandra Fluke after the Rush Limburgercheese comment.

In that case it was Rush calling Fluke a “prostitute and a slut.”  Which may have offended all prostitutes and sluts who work hard at their trade and felt that Rush calling Fluke a prostitute and a slut, when in actuality she wasn’t, demeans the credibility of all prostitutes and sluts who worked hard to attain their prostitute and slut status.

Enter Bristol “what should I do to get my name in the news this week” Palin to claim that because comedian Bill Maher called her mother, Mama Grizzly the “C” word a while back, (at a concert in 2010) that, like Fluke, the President should call her as well and offer an apology.

(I believe the “C” word was NOT Chevrolet)

Let me see if I am grasping this. Maher calls Sarah the “C” word back in 2010 and NOW Bristol is all bent outta shape!  OH WAIT!  I forgot……she was waaay to busy making money on speaking tours to comment back then.

Soooooooooooo………why now?

Could it be that defenders of Rush have urged her to do so? Take one for the Gipper Bristol.  Yes, Maher can be crude and perhaps he shouldn’t have used the “C” word. I may be wrong but I personally see a thin line between what Maher does (comedy) and what Limbaugh does. (incites)

I think if Limbaugh was doing stand up comedy like Maher and used the slut prostitute line in his routine I might have cut him some slack.  Considering not much was made out of Maher’s use of the “C” word until AFTER everyone jumped all over Rush, something smells fishy here in Denmark.

Disclaimer: I am not writing this from Denmark

Comedy IS comedy and talk political radio is NOT! That’s the difference folks. If you disagree then start asking the President to get on the phone and offer his apology for any comedian who ever used the, “C,” “F” “MF,”or “WTF” words in their routines while making fun of any politician, celebrity, or whomever.

Might wanna go back and dig out some old George Carlin stuff and perhaps find some apologies due to people from his past routines. HEY!  While we’re at it, let’s nail Lewis Black for all the stuff he’s said about people!

HEY…..let’s go even further and nail Robert DeNiro for saying in jest that, America, “is not ready for a white first lady.” Cue the Newtster with, “Obama should apologize for DeNiro.”

WHAT!!!  Or…WTF!!!   Am “I” the only one who sees the humor in DeNiro’s off the cuff remark? Am “I” the only one who see the motive behind all this apologize stuff?  If I am, oh yeah, let “ME” apologize”………………..NOT!

Damn……let’s ban comedy. Further yet…let’s ban those offensive words!

Dear sweet innocent young thing Bristol.  Are ya that naive that you can’t tell you’re being used as a freakin’ pawn by the tit for tat manipulators.  (can I use the word “tit” in here…OMG…I may get nailed on that one by Gloria Steinem)

Gloria! Gloria! I apologize….cut me some slack ere…I wuz only doing comedy for cripes sake.

So my fellow lemmings who are buying into this “Obama give me a call” plea from Bristol Palin…..GET A FREAKIN’ LIFE AND CHILL OUT BY GOING TO A COMEDY SHOW!!!!!

If only so that you’ll be able to tell the difference between stand up comedy, (Bill Maher, Lewis Black) and downright out-and-out spread of hate and discontent on political talk radio shows.  I won’t “rush” to spread any names around.

For letting herself being used by those off the wall individuals and groups with absolutely no sense of humor, (if the shoe fits, wear it) I proudly present to Bristol Palin the MisfitWisdom “Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award.”  Congratulations.

P.S…………….”DHYHOYAW” for that call from the Pres.

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Copyright 2012 MisfitWisdom RLV


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2 Responses to Bristol Palin Is Waiting For President Obama To Call Her* *Subtitled: DHYHOYAW She Gets The MW FFFF Award.

  1. kitchenmudge says:

    Dontcha love it? Wall Street made us all poor, the Dems and Reps both can’t wait to see it happen again, and all the msm can talk about is who used the “c” word, who used the “s” word, who hasn’t apologized…..

    May as well just get drunk and watch Jersey Shore ’til you’re thrown out on the street, which will be soon.

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