Read This Blog Or I’ll Punch You Out Ya Damn Panty Waist!!!*

* Sorry, didn’t mean to threaten you, but actually I DID mean to threaten you. Because today’s blog is about bullying. (this has nothing to do with actual bulls)

On March 30th the movie, “The Bully Project: A Year In The Life Of America’s Bullying Crisis.” will be released.  Obviously, because no one can pull the wool over your eyes, you’ve already guessed by now that the subject matter of the movie is bullying.

It’s received an “R” rating but I personally believe that all children should be allowed to view this movie. Yes it does contain language some would classify as offensive, but, how can you factually depict a movie about bullying without offensive language?  That’s part of the nature of bullying.

Some bully isn’t gonna walk up to any kid and say, “Oh excuse me Timmy, could you please get up out of your bus seat because I want it and if you don’t I may get very angry.”

More like, “Hey Timmy, get your f**king a** outta that bus seat or I’m gonna beat your a** to a pulp and then rip your ears off, shove them down your throat along with your f**king iPod you wimp!”

To me, cutting out ANY offensive language is like cutting those “F” words out of a movie. It takes away from the reality of the, in this case, bullying. As far as movies are concerned where the censors bleep out all offensive language, but get to enjoy it themselves, I also disagree with that as well.  Let me explain my logic.

Based on my own experience as a child hearing the “F” word for the first time, it wasn’t in a movie.  It was from my peers.  Show me a parent who thinks little Johnny or Susie isn’t going to hear the “F” word or any other offensive word because they protect them from hearing that word and I’ll show you a very dumb parent. Hell, oops….sorry…um….heck….I learned the “F” word, along with many others not starting with the letter “F” by the time I was seven.

I think the first time I actually saw the “F” word, and I say saw, because it was scribbled on a wall in the boy’s room at school.  It was spelled, “fuc” and I had no idea what that meant until I asked my friend Elmer, who was more street smart than I.  Elmer filled me in by explaining that it was put there by Homer Ferkelberg, who flunked spelling, and that he left the “K” off when he tried to spell f**k.  He also left off the other part of the word that goes along with it, which, as we all know is the word, “you.”

So, that said, which I just did, your child is also going to either hear or see that very same word regardless of what you do at home to shield him or her. Hopefully spelled the correct way. Unless Homer is still floating around somewhere.

Words like f**k are not going to destroy mankind, infect your brain, cause you to rob a bank or murder someone, (unless it’s a censor) nor will it forever alter your child’s view of the world. In fact, I think some of the worlds greatest artists got their inspiration from observing that word scribbled on a wall somewhere. Think about it.  They saw the word f**k, thought about the meaning in-depth, (yes, I know there’s a joke in there somewhere) and with those thoughts, drew some of the most erotic art the world has known.

Well known artist Andrew Wyeth's painting, "On Her Knees" might have been inspired by the artists observations of scribblings or graffiti in the boy's room while he was in school. Had his parents sheltered him from observing such things he may never have become a painter.

So my point here is that all parents should perhaps go to the theater with their children to see this movie simply for the impact it may have on their lives. That bullying is bad and it can have dire consequences for anyone that is the victim of a bully.

Let me put it to you in more simple language.

Look ya damn panty waists, this is the freakin’ 21st century for Gawds sake. It’s not like your kids live in a damn cave ya know!  The dreaded “F” word is all over Johnny and Susie’s social media sites, (including this one, although I did censor it) and not only that, but it’s on TV, (censored) and on DVD’s, (not censored) and in schools, (not censored) on the school bus, at playgrounds, (not censored) and besides all that…….Homer is still out there and he may be scribbling the word “FUC” in your neighborhood right now!

Homer, as I said earlier, flunked spelling but did go on to become a popular rap singer.

Hope I didn’t upset any of you with all this “F” language stuff.  Just had to make my point.

Um…….if I did……upset you that is…………..

Too fucing…um….oops…..too f**king bad.

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