“Joe The Plumber” Cracks Em Up…To Run For Congress On The “Plunger” Ticket.

It just goes to show you that you don’t have to be a big celebrity or experienced politician, or, have a continuous tan or eat moose meat to run for any political office. Nope, all ya have to do is get your name into the news once, and “presto” you can run for Congress.

Which raises the question, why is it Rush Limbaugh isn’t running for a political office on the “slut” ticket. Lotta votes there. Nah….he’d be a better spokesman for “Weight Watchers” or “Jenny Craig,” should he want to make up for the loss of some of his sponsors.

“Hey, look at me folks, I used to weigh 450 pounds, but on this new weight watchers program that I’ve been on for only three weeks, I’ve lost 2 pounds….how great is THAT.”

Anyhow, Rush Aside, which many women would like to do, push him aside, off some cliff, Joe the Plumber, as he is affectionately called by, I guess plumbers, whose real plumber name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, no relation to Orville Redenbacher, Wurlitzer organs or Lawrence Welk, says that he’s going to run for Congress in Ohio.  Oh joy!

Perhaps a campaign slogan for "Joe The Plumber:" "WHO ELSE BUTT JOE"

Strangely, Senator John McCain, who you may recall that no one had ever heard of until he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate back in 2008, once made a statement after Joe met with residents in his neighborhood and said that Obama’s tax plan would result in higher taxes for him, McCain held up a photo of the plumber, (no butt crack image) and said that Joe would be the symbol for what could happen to the middle class if Democrats got into the White House.

I’m not quite sure what the Senator meant by that remark, unless he meant that toilets that are presently not working in the White House, under the Democrats, would become fully operational if Joe were elected. HEY….always helps to have a sideline just in case you don’t get reelected.

Or, it could have meant that Republicans need more working class people in Congress so that those working class employees of the White House could be given the ax and Congressmen who have plumbers licenses, electrical experience, or were maids and housekeepers could moonlight between Congressional sessions. Or extensive filibusters.

This may also work for female interns….as we all know.  (thanks Rush) Only because we all know what Rush thinks of females….especially those on contraception.

Hmmmm…..if a guy uses a condom is he a slut?  Um…no…..even though he’s using a form of contraception he would be considered a stud…..which is nothing similar to being a slut, but might still upset Rush. Just my guess anyhow.

Orville Redenbacher, who is NOT running for Congress, but, if he did, his campaign slogan could be: "LEND ME YOUR EARS BECAUSE THERE'S NO CORN IN MY CAMPAIGN PROMISES."

I’m all for regular normal everyday get my name in the news professional plumbers, electricians, housekeepers, Dunkin Donuts waitresses, and possibly even hookers running for Congress.  Salt of the earth people.  People like you and I.  People needing people.  (cue the Barbra Streisand song)

Now for instance, if I were to announce my candidacy for Congress, being a blogger and having absolutely no experience what-so-ever, I’d be a damn shoo-in.

Why you ask yourselves?

I’ll tell ya why.

Because I’m a damn blogger with no experience or knowledge of how the government works, I’ve quit and been fired from a lot of jobs, been divorced twice, posed naked for a magazine once, am a bit old and bordering on senility, and would jump a White House intern’s (female) bones in a damn heartbeat!

What better qualifications do ya need other than those!!!

HEY!  If a plumber can run for Congress, I can too!

The problem here folks is that I really don’t want to.

If I ran and actually got elected, with the approval rating of all those jerks in Congress, I’d lose whatever respectability I have left. It isn’t much, but it at least is some.

Don’t want anybody calling me a damn a**wipe.

Which is what they might call Joe if any of his plumber butt crack photos pop up on the Internet.

Not a pretty sight.

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