Bristol Palin Gets A TV Show……WTF!

You know folks, I’m just about to go off the deep end. It’s bad enough that I whine all the time about not getting one single stinkin’ donation for writing this stuff each and every day just to keep all of you informed, as stupid as all this stuff is, not to mention how stupid I am for just writing this stuff. BUT….what the hell do I have to do……get freakin’ pregnant, have a kid, go on television, write a book, and then go on tour to tell other people not to have sex and get pregnant?  WHAT!

I’m whining because once again our society is rewarding a person who has absolutely no talent what-so-ever and is now getting her own TV show…..WTF!!!

Yes folks, I’m writing, once again, about my least favorite subject and person, Bristol (look Ma, I’m making a gazillion dollars for being stupid) Palin.  Excuse me a moment.

"Bristol....shut up for cripes sake.....we're gonna make a lot of bucks here."


Ok….I feel a bit better now. But, I still don’t get it.  Do you? If ya do, then puleeeeese explain it to me before I scrap writing this daily blog and totally give up, go to a doctor, plead for a sex change, get pregnant, have a kid, and get my own TV show and speaking tour because I’ll be a freakin’ old guy who had a kid after a sex change.  I might have to include moving to Alaska in that deal.

Now here’s the plot of Bristol’s new show folks. It will air on “Lifetime,” for 10 episodes, hopefully which will contain, at some point, a rabid moose eating Bristol as she strolls through the Alaskan woods. One can only hope.

So what’s the plot you ask?

The series will explore stupidity.  Um….sorry, no….that’s too much to hope for.  The series will explore the pressures of Bristol raising her toddler son, Tripp, as she maintains her close relationship with the larger Palin clan.


It’s a pressure to have a kid, make a gazillion dollars and be on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more moment please.


You all don’t get it do ya.  You all think I’m getting all bent outta shape because I think this is stupid, stupid, stupid television programming……..except for Palin followers, who think she’s absolutely great.  Don’t ya?

Too freakin’ bad. This is NOT television programming folks. It’s promoting the Palin’s once again, (as great as they are doing their own self promotion) and it’s encouraging young girls to say to themselves, “Hey, I can do the same!”  Jump all over me in my comments section if ya want to, but you all know I’m right.  And Bristol’s making, as I said, a gazillion dollars sucking all of you into this stuff.


Hmmmmm……maybe I’m going about all this in the wrong way.  You know, writing this blog and begging for a measly buck to support the upkeep of my ancient computer as well as my ancient mind.  HEY….costs a lot for medication to keep me sane ya know! Not that I have to be sane to write this stuff, but at least coherent.

Let me give you the statistics. THIS BLOG gets over 1,800 hits per week from all over the world.  Do ya think anyone donates? NO!  Does that phase me? Not really because I know everyone is hurting due to the economy and gas prices.  So, I cut most of you some slack.

And I know that writing this blog daily for 3 years straight, 1,800 hits a week isn’t a lot compared to the hits the Elvis Website gets…..and HE’s dead for cripes sake! Yet…I trudge on solely out of dedication……..that and the fact that it gets me outta doing chores around the house. Most of the time anyhow.

But all whining aside, (not really) I still can’t figure out where the hell these people are coming from that go to Bristol’s speaking tours, pay mucho dollars to hear her speak on the evils of having sex out-of-wedlock, then buy her book, then watch her on (sponsored) television, THEN can’t even scrape up a measly dollar to donate to MisfitWisdom? I don’t get it.

What a “fluke” that Rush Limburger Cheeese isn’t calling Bristol a damn you know what!!!

Well, actually I do….kinda get it.

I’M NOT A FREAKIN’ PALIN!!!!  I’VE NEVER HAD SEX WITH A MOOSE! (excluding my teddy bear when I was a mere child and didn’t know any better)

Problem is folks, I can’t even afford a sex change. Or come up with enough money to at least move to Alaska, rent a house next to the Palin’s, attempt to carry on a sordid affair with Sarah, (based on my animal magnetism)  and then write a “tell all book.”

I think I’m screwed…..or in the literal sense….NOT.


So go ahead. Watch Bristol’s new “Lifetime” show and support the sponsors that are stupid enough to bank on people watching it and then buying their products. Dummies.

Now ask me if I give a rats ass that I’ve alienated any of my blog readers that absolutely love Bristol Palin.

The answer is….NO.

Why…..becasue anyone who is a big fan of Bristol Palin obviously is forking over all of their hard-earned cash to buy her book, patronize the sponsors of her TV shows, and possibly even attending one of her “it’s bad, bad, bad, to have out-of-wedlock sex” speaking tours. So…….if they’re doing that……then there’s obviously no cash left over to donate to MisfitWisdom. So who the heck needs em.

Then again, those of you who do not follow the antics of Bristol don’t donate either…….

Kinda like a lose lose situation for ol Misfit.

Hmmmm………does Medicare cover sex changes?

(DONATE) Yes folks, the constant MisfitWisdom PayPal donate link that I post below is once again posted below. (Alaska residents exempt) If it is not highlighted, (blue) copy and paste it into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site where you can donate a measly dollar for all of this creative stupid stuff I toil at writing each and every day. It’s a dirty and unrewarding job, but, somebody has to do it.

Copyright 2012 MisfitWisdom RLV


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1 Response to Bristol Palin Gets A TV Show……WTF!

  1. Roger says:

    I would like to think its Karma working itself out. After years of the left doing vile and despicable things to that family, even after they were no longer politically reliant, karma is evening the scales.

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