Andrew Breitbart…OMG!! A New Wave Of Conspiracy Theories Hits The Stupidnet

You all know that when I get totally frustrated by stupidity, I tend to go off the deep end by making a solemn trek out to my backyard, heading for the biggest tree I can find, and just proceed to bang the hell outta my head against that tree until the latest round of complete insaneness passes.

If that doesn’t help…well……..I then write a stupid blog.

Guess what. Here’s your stupid blog.

First why.

As you all know, conservative blogger Andrew Breibart suffered an apparent heart attack this past Thursday. (official cause of death pending coroners report)

Shazam…and eureka!  The Websters go berserk with all kinds of conspiracy theories. Good thing Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray are dead and Sirhan Sirhan has a good excuse cause he’s in jail, otherwise they might be suspects.  Sirhan “IS” still in jail isn’t he?

In case you missed it, the reason for these conspiracy theories is that Breibart was all set to release what he said were, “damaging videos of President Obama.” Might have been something real nasty and damaging like maybe, jussssst maybe, Obama, when he sang that Al Green song, “I’m So In Love With You,” was actually lip syncing the song and Al green was actually behind a curtain somewhere with a hidden microphone. OMG!!! OMG!!!

They did in Breibart cause he had proof Obama was lip syncing the song. OMG!!! OMG!!! Conspiracy!!!! Conspiracy!!!

Um…wait…….there might be more.

(reading quote from Breibart regarding his pending Obama expose’ to a gathering of a conservative action political committee in Washington, D.C.)

“we are going to vet Obama from his college days to show why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”

Then, unfortunately, he passed away. Um…no…not at that meeting but later.

That comment sent conservative bloggers into a wild frenzy.  Conspiracy!!!  Conspiracy!!! Conspiracy!!!!   Off with their heads!!!!   Drag out the tar and feathers!!!   Quick, grab Abraham Zapruder’s camera!!!!  Where was Bill Clinton Thursday?

And….if you go to various social media websites, there’s an awful lot of this unsociable stuff being spread around that perhaps Breitbart was the victim of a conspiracy because of the timing of the release of that Obama video…..which obviously means that Obama was afraid the Al Green story might leak out before the November elections and damage his chances for reelection as well as, should he lose the election, his possible appearance on American Idol. OMG!!!

Because we all know that no one’s gonna wanna watch Obama sing on American Idol if they suspect that Al Green might be back stage lip syncing for the Pres.  You know those damn CIA, FBI and Secret Service guys can pull anything off.

HAH! Think I’m kidding.  Do ya punks?  Well let me fill you in you damn doubting idiots.  How about THIS!  “Capricorn One.” YEAH!  “Capricorn One,” that exposed the fact that we never went to the moon and all that space/moon landing stuff was actually filmed in a Hollywood studio.

Actual photo of a conspiracy to cover up the fact that we never went to the moon...."Capricorn One" expose' proved a conspiracy existed.

SEE!  I told ya the CIA/FBI/Secret Service/and Hollywood all conspire to pull the freakin’ wool over our eyes.  NOT ME!!!  I’m no damn dummy……I SAW “Capricorn One” and know the truth.  Yeah….and ask yourselves where was Obama THEN. Clinton too? Maybe even Hillary!

Um…..wait a minute.  Hmmmm, whats this?

Oh Oh…..damn it……

Breibart’s father in law told the Associated Press that Andrew had suffered from a heart condition since 2010.

DAMN!  So much for those conspiracy theories……(reading more)

WAIT…….Breitbart’s father in law……can he be trusted to tell us the truth? Who is this guy anyhow?


Oh sure…..Breibarts father in law is….get this….Orsen Bean, the actor…..THE ACTOR!!!! For cripes sake. THE ACTOR!!!

Orson Bean......the plot thickens.

They used actors in “Capricorn One” didn’t they!!  Bean is an actor….OMG!!!   OMG!!! He’s in with them.  IT “IS” A DAMN CONSPIRACY!!!!  OMG!!!!

It’s true….it’s true!   Obama lip synched that Al Green song. And he’s done it more than once,  Maybeeeee even in his college days, Maybeeeee even while he was running for the Presidency. OMG!

There “WAS”a conspiracy.

Um……..I don’t think it involved Andrew Breibart’s untimely passing however.

BUT………jusssssssssssssst in case I’m keeping a very close eye on those flag curtains behind the President the next time I see a video of Obama singing………….

I’ll be looking for Al Green and I’m not going to believe the damn CIA/FBI/Secret Service guys from the land of “OZ” (Washington, D.C.) when they tell me………………

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

What could possibly be an actual photo of Al Green hiding behind a curtain lip syncing for President Obama

*RIP Andrew Breitbart*

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