NASCAR’S Dancia Patrick….A Sports Reporter Called Her WHAT!!!!!

Can I write in here what a Fox sports reporter in San Diego called NASCAR race driver Dancia Patrick?

Screw it….I’m gonna write it anyhow, although he didn’t actually say the word but implied it. The word (cover little children’s eyes if they’re standing behind you as you read this)…(pause)….ok….the word…(gasp) was…..”bitch.”

OMG!  He implied that! Walter Cronkite where are ya when we need ya? Surely Walter would have never said THAT word on TV.  Unless of course he were hosting an American Kennel Club dog show. Which I don’t think he ever did.

Before I proceed with this story, here’s the clip of San Diego sports reporter Ross Shimabuku who did a boo boo: (YouTube)

If you just watched the video clip you observed Ross say: “Oh, I got a few words. Starts with a “B” and it’s not beautiful.” Meaning of course the “bitch” word.

Dancia had made a comment earlier that she didn’t understand why female athletes have to be described as sexy. “Is there any other word you can use to describe me?”

Doesn't EVERYBODY dress like this in a NASCAR race?

Um….er…….(looking at the photos I’ve posted of Dancia) um….er……yes Dancia there is, but I’m not gonna go there.  Lest I be suspended like Ross was for saying the “B” word.

Wait a minute. I can’t be suspended. I don’t work for Fox news, I’m not a sports reporter, and I don’t even get paid to write this stupid stuff. So who the hell is going to suspend me? Besides, I have to agree with others that she is very sexy, even though I’m not a big Fox News/Sports fan and Ross should have called her “sexy” rather than a bitch.

After all, she was only voicing her opinion that men are usually a bunch of slime ball slugs who look at every woman as sex symbols. That’s our nature Dancia. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you’re totally hot and have posed for totally hot photos.

Sniff.....I don't understand why female athletes have to be described as sexy.....DUH!!

Um….yes it does.

Soooo Dancia……if you’re asking the question as to why female athletes have to be described as “sexy,” it might have something to do with the fact that in general, most woman ARE sexy and many female athletes have posed for Sports Illustrated in sexy poses, and with regard to your comment, “is there any other word you can use to describe me,” I’d personally use the word, “hot,” as in a steaming NASCAR racing car engine. But, then again, I fall into the low down slime ball slug category too.  But, I would never refer to you as a bitch.

I can understand Dancia’s frustration at being labeled as somewhat of a sex symbol, but, be proud of it Dancia.  For years and years NASCAR women have been ogling over those guys in their tight-fitting multi-colored labeled with every conceivable logo advertisement in the world uniforms, while us guys were only getting turned on by hot engines and fast cars.

So now, you’ve given us men something else to salivate over….YOU!   I’ll tell ya, I’m not a big NASCAR follower, but if there’s a chance to see Dancia race, I do tune in. So think of it this way Dancia.  You’re taking one for the cause.

Dancia.....taking one for the cause.

Cause…….guys, as I said, are a bunch of “sex on the brain” slugs and to have hot fast cars and a hot female driver at the same event is pig heaven for us. Loosen up a bit.

As for Ross and his bitch comment….uncalled for, but he most likely lost his mind for a moment out of complete frustration, perhaps feeling some sort of rejection complex by not being able to complete his collection of “Hot Wheel” miniature cars as a child and then seeing a female, of all people, actually have a real honest to goodness hot wheel.

Not to mention the fact that she’s as hot as those “Hot Wheels.” can still get them!

Ah feel your pain Ross.

Obviously the "wind effect" after driving in a NASCAR race.

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