FINALLY! Pigs Get The Respect They So Well Deserve

It’s not easy being a pig.  Just ask any pig. You know how it is. The stigma of just being called a pig. They can’t help it if that’s their name. Give em a damn break for cripes sake!

Which is what McDonald’s is proposing.  That we all propose to a pig., what’s not exactly what McDonald’s is proposing. Although if you want to propose to a pig that’s entirely your own business.

The giant food chain is telling pig farmers to give some decent housing to pigs. Right now most pigs live in a two foot wide cage, which, as we all know, is way too small for any self-respecting pig. Where the hell does a pig put their TV, sofa, recliner and end tables? Not very conducive to enjoying a good relaxing pig evening.

Well Alice, whaddya think of my new glasses? I can see you real clearly now. Alice! Alice! Alice!....OMG!!!

So far, many pig farmers are working toward giving pigs what they deserve. Respect.  And we all know that pigs do not get any respect. Unless of course you happen to be out on a date with one and she’s really cute and you just wanna score.

WAIT!  Oh, sorry, I mean actual pigs, the four-legged ones with snouts and who make the “snorking” sound.  Almost the same in comparison, but the four-legged ones you can eat……………….um…..nope, not gonna touch THAT line.

McDonald’s says that confining a pig to a two foot square enclosure is, “not a sustaining production system,” and to correct the problem a, “better welfare system for sows.”

Which of course will raise some eyebrows in Washington, especially with Tea Potty members who do not want to see the government supporting any more welfare or entitlement programs. Any bill introduced which will entitle pigs to be on welfare would surely be voted down.

Animal welfare groups point out that a pig contained in a two foot cage can’t even turn around.  Which is why, when you ask a pig who they had sex with, they can’t identify the father. HEY!  If ya can’t turn around because your cage is too small how in the hell are you gonna know who you’re having sex with….if you’re a pig that is.

You may recall the commercial about pigs that was shown on the Grammys by “Chipotle.” In case you missed it, I’ve posted the YouTube link to it below.

The commercial is very cute and shows how pigs can be treated with respect. Starts out with a pig, of course, and follows it through the entire process of enjoying life on the farm to eventually being sent to the ol pig farm production facility where eventually they all become ham sandwiches.

Might give you some deeper appreciation of what a pig’s life is like and perhaps give you some compassionate feelings towards pigs as you sit at the dinner table and slice into a really nice ham. A moment of silence at dinner time might be appropriate.

So I commend McDonald’s for their efforts in pushing for humane treatment of all pigs along with pig activists, the Humane Society, and Guldens mustard. Not to mention the apple growers of America who work hand in hand with caterers who serve an entire pig at an event and usually stuff a big apple in the pigs mouth…..just for appearances sake. And to sell a few apples.

Having known many pigs in my life I can only say that it’s about time we all realized that they do need respect. I probably wouldn’t know as much as I know about lasting relationships, and a really tasty sandwich, if it were not for the pigs I’ve known throughout my entire life.

I was going to say, “and eaten too,” but I know where your damn perverted minds are. We’re talkin’ about four-legged pigs here!  Geez!

So, let’s support this effort to get all pig farmers to provide affordable and spacious housing for pigs, give them the ability to rent or lease pig quarters that will enable them to have a decent and enjoyable moment with another pig, and most of all, be able to strike up a long-lasting relationship with another pig (male) should they not be hustled off to the pig sandwich making facility. It’s the right thing to do.

Gotta go now……heading to my local McDonald’s to try out one of their new McPig sandwiches on a sesame seed bun with mustard, pineapple, lettuce and with just a hint of clove.  YUM!

(DONATE)  The MisfitWisdom Pig Pal…um…no….PayPal donate sausage link….I mean link is posted below. If it is not highlighted (blue) copy and baste, um…paste it into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site where you can donate to the cause….which is….cause I like to really enjoy a good ham and usually can’t afford to buy one. Sorry….I have absolutely no shame.

Copyright 2012 MisfitWisdom RLV


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