Leonardo da Vinci. What The Heck Was Going On Between Him and Mona?

How long has Leonardo da Vinci been dead? I’ll tell ya how long. Since the year 1519 for cripes sake, and he’s STILL getting more publicity than Ron Paul at a Republican debate.

Now there’s speculation going around by researchers that da Vinci, or as we here in the modern world call him today, “Leo,” may have knocked out more than one painting of “The Mona Lisa.”  Or, perhaps when he was teaching others to paint, they may have knocked off a few replicas of Mona as well. Maybe even one of them might have dated Mona. After all, she DOES look kinda seductive. NOT!

Here’s how it goes folks. A researcher who was researching stuff at Madrid’s Prado Museum, (no relation to Prez Prado who recorded the song, “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White 1955) discovered a copy of the Mona Lisa. BUT…..it wasn’t just a copy. It was another painting of Mona but slightly different.

(there were no xerox machines back then so the researcher knew that this new Mona painting was not a copy but an actual painting)

The differences in the original Mona compared to the newly discovered Mona showed that Mona had a narrower face, redder dress and more pronounced eyebrows.  Which at first led the researcher to believe that either Mona went on one of those Jenny Craig diets, lost some weight, then bought some new clothes, plucked her eyebrows, and THEN re-posed for Leonardo, or, maybe it WAS Prez Prado.

Two different "Mona Lisa's." Mona Lisa" on the left, and maybe her sister "Lisa Lisa" on the right, or, Mona after a face lift.

The researchers using infrared technology also discovered that there were some underdrawings in the paintings. Which surprised them considering underwear use was not that widespread back in those days.  It could be compared to Mona going through an airport scanner and security personnel seeing her underwear.

Miguel Falomir, the Italian Renaissance Art museum’s curator, (a guy who cures things for museums) said, “there is textual evidence from contemporary observers that Leonardo had assistants in his workshop and made copies.”

This, of course, can have many sinister implications. Foremost, that Leonardo may very well have invented the very first xerox machine. Or, some of his pupils may have been in his studio when he painted the Mona Lisa, along with Mona Lisa, who was posing, and as Leo painted her, so did his students.

Matthew Landros an art historian at Oxford and the Rhode Island School of Design, which is obviously located in Rhode Island, otherwise they wouldn’t have used Rhode Island’s name, says that, “it had to have been a pupil and someone very close to Leonardo at the time.”

Two names have surfaced as to who could have been close to Leo. Andrea Salai and Francesco Melzi. Prime suspects as far as I’m concerned. And, Falomir says that Salai may have very well been Leonardo’s lover.  Which, as we all know is where the Da Vinci code comes into play.  Obviously, having to meet secretly, so that his other students wouldn’t know he was jumping Andrea’s bones and call foul, (favoritism)  Leo devised some sort of secret code telling Andrea where to meet him after class, which we all know came to be known as the “Da Vinci Code,” and that’s how they would meet secretly.

(this secret code and the affair were not part of the movie “The Da Vinci Code” starring Tom Hanks because if the actual Da Vinci code was simply about Leo meeting secretly with Andrea who the hell would go to see THAT movie)

Researchers think that copies of the Mona Lisa were made because Leo had to somehow make ends meet so he sold copies of the painting.  Today, we call those, “knock offs.”

You may recall some months ago I wrote another story about Leonardo when it was rumored that Mona Lisa might have been a guy, Manny Lisa, and that Da Vinci figured no one would wanna see a guy dressed up in womans clothes, so he altered the face to resemble a womans. You can tell, if you look closely at Mona Lisa, that she isn’t really that attractive, so perhaps there might be some credibility to the fact that Leo really did use a male model.

OR….Mona was really homely.  My guess anyhow.

So the never-ending mystery of what the hell Leonardo Da Vinci was doing in his studio continues. Was he painting the Mona Lisa alone with Mona?  Did Mona have a twin sister, Lisa?  Was he actually running a school for new artists and on that particular day had his pupils paint the same painting that he was painting?  Are there MORE copies of the Mona Lisa floating around? Was Andrea his lover, and, perhaps the real Mona Lisa?  And if she was, seeing how un attractive she was, did Leonardo need glasses? And finally, my own theory, was Andrea NOT Leo’s lover, but actually Francesco, and HE posed for the original painting?

Which would mean that the painting was altered later on, to cover up Leo’s attraction to Francesco by inserting a woman’s face in the painting. Which could alter history. Because then we’d all be in awe over Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting called……..

“The Francesco Lisa.”

OR…..maybe I’ve got it all wrong and it really was some guy named “Manny” who posed for the picture.

Manny Lisa, before Leonardo did some really good air brushing.

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Actual photo of Mona Lisa on the right shortly after receiving royalties from sales of the painting and using that money to have plastic surgery.

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