Alaska Airlines Halts Prayer Cards On it’s Planes….OMG!! Oops….

Yep, it’s true folks. You can no longer get a prayer card if you fly Alaska Airlines.

This led me to think about why they started giving out those prayer cards back in the 70’s in the first place.  Maybe they knew something passengers didn’t know. Like, “Geez….how the hell are we gonna get this damn plane off the ground.”

I’m thinking that maybe they had sort of a tight budget with which to operate on and cut some corners. Like maybe using lawnmower engines on their jets or something. Or instead of using a lot of fuel to taxi down the runway they simply towed their planes to a big Alaskan hill and pushed it over the side and hoped it would take flight. Hence those prayer cards that were give to passengers. My thought anyhow.

Thnx: Cartoon by David Farley

Alaskan Airlines President Brad Tilden and Chairman and CEO Bill Ayer said that the decision to eliminate prayer cards was due to various religious beliefs.  In a statement they said, together I guess, “Religious beliefs are deeply personal and sharing them with others is an individual choice.”

And of course they’re correct.  Religion should be a personal choice and I can see their point. Say for instance an Alaskan Airline airplane encounters trouble while flying at 30 thousand feet and it looks like there’s no option but to attempt a crash landing.

Panic sets in and the passengers, in reaching for their prayer cards, discover that their particular religion is not covered. Obviously a lot of resentment is going to take place between passengers who are covered by the prayer cards and those that are not.  Suppose you pray to a different God and He’s not listed in the prayer cards? Then what? You’re basically screwed, that’s what!  Nine outta ten times the only passengers who survive a plane crash are those who were issued a prayer card with their religion on it.  It’s a known fact. Trust me on this one.

So this is a slippery slope when it comes to Alaska Airlines dropping prayer cards if ya ask me.  I sure as hell, oops, sorry, didn’t mean to use that word when talking about prayer cards, but sure as um, shootin’ this will most likely make passengers feel a bit more insecure.  The least they can do to make up for the elimination of prayer cards is to have one of those plastic Jesus’s on the back of each passenger seat, or, at least have the captain announce that he has one on his cockpit dashboard.

What provoked this action by the airline was that a lot of customers, obviously atheists, complained that religion was not appropriate on the plane. Unless of course the plane was at 30 thousand feet and in a nose dive and everybody is in unison screaming….GOD!!!!!

Personally I think that Alaskan Airlines did do the right thing considering that there are many religions.  However, jusssssst in case an emergency did occur on a flight, they should have a backup plan should passengers feel the need to pray while the plane is plummeting towards the ground at 300 MPH.

Perhaps a non-sectarian service that all passengers could feel comfortable with. Or something that would cover all religions.

“Attention all passengers. This is your captain speaking.  I have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that we’ve lost all engines and are plummeting toward the earth rapidly………….The good news is that we’ve printed up some new prayer cards in 55 different religions should you care to start praying before we slam into the ground at 300 MPH and you’re all reduced to smithereens.”

Thank you for flying with Alaska Airlines.

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