Lately I’ve Been Contemplating What The Hell Contemplating Is.

According to the MisfitWisdom dictionary, contemplating is “to consider thoughtfully or meditate upon.” Which is what I do shortly before writing these blogs. Some days however, it’s very hard to contemplate about what I should be contemplating about. I mean, it’s not like I lead such an exciting life that I have a lot to contemplate about. Or even meditate for that matter. And usually if I attempt to meditate, I fall asleep.

Actually writing this stuff doesn’t take much contemplating.  You simply scan the news of the day and contemplate what the heck it is that deserves contemplating.  Which is what I did this morning when I began to contemplate….after a bit of meditation, which I usually do in the bathroom…….sitting…….which is just about all you can do while sitting there. A perfect place for contemplating I might add.

So, I contemplated about writing about Demi Moore, her breakup with Ass-ton Kutcher, her weight loss, and her 911 call to paramedics because she was suffering from a case of extreme exhaustion.  Which is understandable considering that she’s 49 and Ass-ton is 33 and he probably wore her out, which, is why he decided to dump her. Damn ratfink.

Then I contemplated a bit more on that and said to myself, “Misfit, why even bother contemplating about Demi’s weight loss and her pulling out of the movie “Lovelace” when there are so many other things to contemplate about.”  Besides, why should I waste good contemplating time on that when there are much more important things that deserve contemplating.

Like are those solar rays from the sun going to affect us earthlings. Or, should I just contemplate about the Tampa Bay Rays and the effect they will have on the earth….namely this years baseball lineup.  Hey, rays are rays and there’s not much I can do about the sun’s rays except get a tan while watching the Tampa Bay Rays.  Seems logical to me.

But, I felt that both those were not worthy of any serious contemplating time.  So I went back to my computer and contemplated writing about Newt and Mit, but with all that’s going on between the two of them I contemplated that it wasn’t worth wasting a good blog on. At least not until Mitt admits he’s actually eaten a McDonald’s hamburger and Newt responds back to Mitt, “What the hell is a McDonald’s?”

See folks… takes a lot of serious contemplating to write this stuff. You just can’t sit down in front of a computer and contemplate about what you’re going to write about without contemplating about contemplating in the first place.

Now “Dante,” the Italian poet, did a lot of contemplating himself.  Unfortunately he died at a rather young age, (56) from doing too much contemplating, which is why you see a lot of statues of him in a contemplating pose because it took a few months for the Italian authorities to realize that he was indeed dead because they were so used to seeing him in that same pose for long periods of times. I personally think he died due to starvation because he spent waaaay too much time contemplating, or, he may have lost considerable weight after having an affair with a younger woman.  Either that, or he contemplated a lot in the cold weather, and, as you can see by his photo, walked around naked much of the time and froze solid while contemplating.

Dante, the Italian poet, in his contemplating pose shortly before Italian authorities discovered he had been dead for some time.

So, in conclusion, I’ve basically determined that I myself should not spend too much time contemplating on what to write when I sit down each day and contemplate this blogs subject matter. Lest I wind up losing weight and freezing to death and my other half has to contemplate calling 911 because I was too stupid contemplating what to write and forgot to put some clothes on. (she keeps the house thermostat set at 45)

So, I’ve done enough contemplating for today and have decided that rather than tax my brain further by indulging in any more contemplating about what to write about in today’s blog, I’ll simply skip writing a blog today and contemplate on what to write tomorrow.

See…..that didn’t take much contemplating at all!

(DONATE) I contemplated about posting my MisfitWisdom PayPal donate link below because nobody ever donates, but, upon further contemplating, I decided that, what the hell, I’ll post it anyhow just in case someone contemplates about actually making a donation. So, if it is not highlighted, simply copy and paste it into your browser, go to the PayPal site, and then sit for a moment to contemplate on just what you’d like to donate.

Why contemplating sometimes takes a bit of time

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