Kathy Griffin Strips On TV……”AGAIN!” Check Your Local Listings For More.

Kathy Griffin, comedian and prospective promoter of underwear accessories once again stripped on national television. This time on the “David Letterman Show.” You may recall that she also stripped on New Year’s Eve while co host Anderson Cooper stood by in awe. As did I. Although I was sitting in awe rather than standing.


My thinking is, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.  And she’s got it. And she’s obviously flaunting it. Which is fine with me, but not maybe so with the TV networks.  They haven’t really complained about her flaunting, yet, but at some point I think politically correct people who know what’s best for all the rest of us are going to start writing the networks about showing any future flaunting.  Which means Kathy will have to flaunt somewhere else.

Like maybe shopping malls, local bingo halls, Wal Mart’s, at a political rally, or on satellite radio such as the “Howard Stern” show.  Which encourages flaunting.  And, as we all know, you can flaunt on radio because no one can see you.  Which means that you have to use your imagination when someone is flaunting on the radio, which also means that eventually those politically correct people will step in and demand that using your imagination while someone is flaunting on the radio should not be allowed.

This, due to the fact that one’s imagination can go to extremes if you begin to imagine Kathy Griffin stripping or completely naked and decide to take things into your own hands….literally. Imagine THAT!

I stand corrected folks. You CAN get into hot water if you flaunt on the radio. In fact, I myself have to thank a very influential politically correct sponsor’s wife for having me fired from a radio station because I interviewed a topless waitress working at a donut shop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on one of my radio shows. Not that it mattered that I was in Connecticut and on the RADIO and the waitress was in FLORIDA for cripes sake.

I think when that sponsor’s wife was listening to my radio show she may have let her imagination go berserk when she visualized topless waitresses and donuts. After all, we all know how visualizing topless waitresses and donuts can absolutely drive you nuts. I personally think it has something to do with frosting and licking. My guess anyhow.

Flaunt, flaunt, flaunt.........: )

Anyhow, I personally don’t see anything wrong with Kathy Griffin stripping anywhere, television or radio.  That’s only because I’m waaaaay beyond being shocked by anything I see on television including blood and guts on “CSI,” someone getting the livin’ daylights beaten outta them in a TV movie, or being shot up with a Uzi and all the sex related innuendos on sitcoms and other programs. Like I always said, it’s ok to show all that stuff on TV but someone naked…OMG!!!

We all know that if you see someone naked on TV it will corrupt your mind and you will be forever tainted, or, perhaps, lust after someone. Maybe even your spouse…OMG!!

Isn’t it annoying when you watch a movie and they bleep out all of those horrible words that all of us have never heard before. Like…..

“Ahm gonna blow yer f***ing head off you no good b***tard.”

Wouldn’t it be much nicer and politically correct if it were said….

“I am going to inflict severe damage on your head you bad bad nasty person.” (obviously, as once said to Al Capone by Eliot Ness)

Anyhow that’s how the politically correct people would like it to be.

Somehow I just can’t imagine myself tooling down the highway and some jerk comes along and cuts me off and I yell out the window, “Oh you terrible driver you!.”

To me, it’s much more satisfying, under the same set of circumstances, to roll down my window, flip the other driver the bird and recite various phrases which include the ever popular word, F**K in it.  Don’t you agree.

So with regard to Kathy stripping all over the place, I’m all for it.  Kinda makes otherwise boring TV much more enjoyable.  At least for the guys.

Might even add a little “spice” to some of those cooking shows on TV. I can see Paula Deen taking my advice.

“Today folks, we’re gonna spice up the show with how to prepare chicken breasts. And, as I prepare these beautiful chicken breasts, Kathy Griffin will prepare hers, just to add a little spice to the show.”

Ya gotta admit guys, it’s a great idea and very tasty…um….the chicken breasts I mean.

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