I Want My Own Damn Super Pac…or at least a backpac’ I can carry money in.

Super Pacs are nothing like Superman, and should not be confused with the man of steel whom we all loved and cherished because he could leap tall buildings at a single bound, was faster than a speeding bullet and was more powerful than a locomotive.

Um…wait a second….come to think of it Super Pacs can do the same thing…RATS!

Cartoon courtesy of "Star-Tribune.com"

Now let me see if I can simply put into words what exactly a Super Pac is. I’m doing this because all you hear about in the news today is the influence Super Pacs have on the current political campaign. That, and the fact that although I’ve explained what a Super Pac is to my other half, she still thinks it’s an updated version of Atari’s “Pac-man.”

Briefly, if that’s at all possible, a Super Pac can pour all kinds of money into a candidate’s campaign and can do it using unlimited funds. Plus, there’s no limit as to what they can do or say with regard to spreading misleading stories and fairy tales about their candidates opponent.  Candidates themselves can only receive up to $2,500 from any person who wants to fork over money to them. PLUS…..a candidate can absolve himself of any knowledge of what the hell a Super Pac that supports him is saying about his opponent.

(Super Pac ad)

“These are desperate times America.  And in desperate times we need someone who will fight for all Americans. Congressman Freebus Zordnick is that man. Not only has he fought for all Americans, but with his wife as well.  Don’t you want a President who will  stand up to his wife and not be labeled a pussy.  A man who refuses to be dragged into a J. C. Penny store and be relegated to standing in the lingerie department while his wife holds up various pieces of clothing for his approval. A man not afraid to bravely walk into a Home Depot store and, without his wife’s approval, buy a damn 1000 horsepower fully loaded riding lawnmower with GPS and DVD player.”

Congressman’s Zordinck’s opponent, Representative Faubus Fleeceman has no balls when it comes to standing up to his wife, who by the way is 6 feet 7 inches tall while the Representative is only five feet four inches. It’s no wonder he’s p-whipped.  And we all know, a man who’s p-whipped is not going to stand up for America if he can’t stand up to his wife, and when he tries, he’s talking to her boobs, which makes him a complete boob.

VOTE Freebus Zordnick for President. He not only stands up for all Americans, but is much taller than his wife. Zordnick for President….he’s no boob.”

(Paid for by “The Stand Tall Association of P-Whipped Men” which in no way is connected or associated with candidate Freebus Zordnick.  Ralph Zordnick chairman)

If you are a fan of “Comedy Central” and watch Steven Colbert you already know that he has formed his own Super Pac and put Jon Stewart in charge of funds because, as I said earlier, a candidate cannot coordinate in any way with a Super Pac. In other words, he has to play dumb. Which, as we all know, isn’t very hard for any candidate to do……(Rick Perry mathematically challenged; Mitt Romney with his “corporations are people too” comment; Sarah Palin’s revision of Paul Revere’s ride; Christine O’Donnell’s “I’m No Witch” statement; Herman Cain’s ….um….nooooo I’m not even going there with that deal.

The point with Colbert and Stewart is to show you just how utterly, (my apologies to any bovines reading this blog) stupid the Supreme Court’s ruling was to allow Super Pacs to have a free for all in election contributions and misleading advertising all in the name of getting their choice of candidate elected regardless of what it takes.

(Quote from “Time” magazine)  “Thanks to a landmark Supreme Court decision, Super Pacs are outraising and outspending the campaigns, supposedly without any coordination with the candidates.” The key word there is, “supposedly.”

So, what are we, the electorate supposed to believe when it comes to what these Super Pacs and their advertising in support of candidates plaster all over the TV?

A simple answer…………NOTHING!  At least if you have a working brain and not one transplanted into your head by Dr. Frankenstein. (See YouTube video below)

The bottom line here folks, “USE YOUR BRAIN” when selecting a candidate. Do your own research. And for God’s sake, if you’re getting a brain transplant, check the label on the jar the brain came in FIRST!

Which obviously a lot of these candidates and their Super Pacs have failed to do.

Again……where the hell is Frau Blucher when ya need her?

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