Newt Gets Nuked On “Nightline”…………. Ghosts Of JFK and Clintion Resurrected

If I didn’t know any better I’d swear I was watching “A Christmas Carol” and Ebenezer Scrooge was being visited by the ghosts of Presidents past. Yep….all of a sudden the ghosts of JFK and Clinton, (Clinton still being alive but harboring a ghost) are donning their white ghostly sheets and appearing on every Internet website, blogger site, (I’m also included) and television show. Here’s why, jusssssst in case you were high on some really good stuff and were completely oblivious to what the hell was going on in the news.

Newwwwwwwwwwt! It's me...the ghost of past affairs. Newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwt! Don't run for the Presidency......the next ghost is a woman, your ex wife, and boy is she pissed.

Newt Gingrich’s ex wife appeared on ABC’s “Nightline” last night and dropped the big one on ol Newt.  “KABOOM!!!!!

Not so much of a “kaboom” if you support Newt, and regardless of what he did in his past you’ll support him. I’ll get to that later.

First, what Newt’s ex-wife Marianne said.

“He wanted an open marriage,” after she discovered he was having an affair with his current wife Callista. That, “he doesn’t have the proper character to be President.”

Yes, I know, we all….well a lot of us, have ex wives who would sooner feed us to a bunch of rabid termites as we slept in our beds at night. That’s the nature of the beast.  And, having done my share of living with at least one beast, I can understand why some, if not many Newt supporters would come to his defense and brush off all of the infidelity episodes.

BUT……guess how a lot of them are defending Newt?  I bet most of you already knew the answer to that. You smart devils you.

Yep…..they go back in time and drag out the old JFK screwed around and Clinton got a BJ in the White House ghosts. HEY…..what’s so different about Newt getting a little on the side. JFK and Bill did. So what the hell are ya all bent outta shape for? He’s just human like JFK and Bill for cripes sake.

Um……does it matter that the Newt was dingling his ding dong with another woman while he was married to Marianne AND at the SAME TIME condemning Bill Clinton for his lack of moral leadership.

Does it matter that perhaps if we, the voters, (otherwise known as dumb hick slugs) had known of JFK’s womanizing back BEFORE he was President we might not have elected him.  Especially back in the 60’s! OR, if we had proof that Bubba had received numerous BJ’s as Governor BEFORE he was President we might have not voted for him.

The answer to that is……….DUH!

Sooooooooooooooo. We DID elect JFK and Billy and most likely a lot of people who voted for them might not have done so had they had access to that womanizing info. Just a guess.

BUT…..because they were elected and now we DO know what they did, HEY! it’s OK for Newt to preach family values because he has repented, he is sorry and has apologized, he has switched his religion and he has found redemption. UM…..but lets keep the JFK/Clinton thing going, because we should NEVER forgive them.  At least that’s what I’m seeing all over the Internet, which amounts to, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” which, in this case, the gander would be Newt.

Moral values. Like when Newt said to his ex-wife when she confronted him about his affair: “it doesn’t matter what I live, just what I say.” Kinda Simple Simonish if ya ask me.

Yep….I can hear the chains of politician’s ghosts rattling in the distance. Most of whom, who also had affairs and were condemned, saying to themselves……WTF!!

Actually, I myself am saying, “WTF.”  In fact, since I saw the “Nightline” interview with Newt’s ex-wife and read some of the posts on a lot of social networking sites defending Newt and bringing up the ghosts of JFK and Clinton, and, accusing the liberal media of a witch hunt…well…..I said “WTF” many times over.


So, putting “WTF” in perspective, perhaps it’s wrong to come down hard on Newt. After all, he IS human. He HAS found redemption. And after all, as he said, “it doesn’t matter what I live, just what I say.”

I think I’m beginning to tear up here……………………(sniff)

Not because I feel Newt’s pain. Or that I think that we should cut him some slack. Or that he has found redemption. Or even because others like JFK and Clinton sinned as well.

Nooooooooooooo. I’m tearing up because of all the women I’ve screwed in my life, married and unmarried, and I too could have run for President.

After all folks, I have seen da light and found redemption.  Qualifications enough to be a prime candidate don’t ya think.

Oops… I hear chains rattling?

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