Marg Helgenberger Leaving CSI. MARG! Say It Ain’t True!!!!!


(sniff) My heart-throb is leaving. Marg Helgenberger (53) “CSI.” Abandoning me just like that! Casting me aside like I was just another slug watching her on “CSI” every week. Well, um, actually I am just another slug watching her on “CSI” every week, but, a damn loyal slug. My slugness goes as far back as watching her on “China Beach.”  (88-91) Which also starred Dana Delaney now in her own TV series, “Body of Proof.”

How can ya do this to me Marg!  There aren’t too many hot babes in their 50’s around anymore. Well, actually there are, but not as hot as Marg is. This, of course, is my own personal opinion based on my own personal lusting for Marg.


Marg!  Don’t leave! I’ll do anything!  Even volunteer to be a corpse on a “CSI’ episode so you can uncover my sheet as I lay on a slab and pretend to be dead as you inspect my lifeless body to determine who did me in and how I was done in. That is if I could actually lay there while Marg inspected my body without getting a bigggg you know what.

“OMG!!! Dr. Robbins….come quick!”

“Catherine….calm down, what is it?”

“Doctor, this corpse, look….I don’t think he’s dead!.”

“WHAT!  Not Dead!  Let me take a look.”

“OMG Catherine, you’re right.  He’s got a biggg………..”

“Um, don;t say it Doc. We’re on TV and ya can’t say that he’s got a biggg you know what on TV.”

“But Catherine…….didn’t you notice this when you first pulled back the sheet?”

“Well, it wasn’t that way when I first pulled back the sheet, but the minute I touched the body it’s as if it had a life of its own.”

“CUT….STOP ACTION!……. Ok fella. Yeah, you playing the dead corpse…’re outta here.”

So ya see, I could never be in the same room with Marg pretending to be a corpse on “CSI.”   How the hell do those other actors do it?  Damn!


Marg of course has been around for quite a while. Twelve years on “CSI” and many other acting credit roles such as in “The Tommyknockers,” (93) “Erin Brockovich,” (2000) “Speices” (98 & 95) and of course, “China Beach,” (88-91)  A complete bio of her films and TV work can be found on Wikipedia.*

*that is if Wikipedia, WordPress, Google, Mozilla and dozens of other sites were actually available today….which they are not, because these sites are protesting government ultimate stupidity because our very freedom loving government is pushing for an anti-piracy law that will severely put constraints on these web sites. Which also might mean this post might not show up on Wednesday. Just a heads up for ya.

Back to da blog……

The final episode will be in two parts with the final one airing on January 25th. She either gets almost killed, as Ted Danson revealed, or perhaps even killed.  Not sure on that one. Although a clip from her goodbye party did show her with blood on her blouse and emerging from a body bag. (sniff)

Now of course I did fill in my other half that I had this thing for Marg at which point she began to rattle off all of the guys on other TV series that SHE had a thing for. Like Tom Selleck, (Blue Bloods) Simon Baker, (The Mentalist) Patrick Wilson, (A Gifted Man) and Kermit the Frog.

I’ve since installed a blocking chip into my TV so that she does not have access to those programs with those guys flaunting themselves all over the place. Heh heh. With the exception of Kermit.

As you can see, I’ve chosen my favorite photos of Marg and posted them in today’s blog before my other half discovers my trove of Helgenberger pictures and deletes them.


The only problem with my obsession with Marg is that I’ve called out her name in the middle of the night during one of my hot and heavy fantasies and, so far, I’ve been able to convince my other half that I was dreaming about Margaret Thatcher and that I thought I was Winston Churchill in my dream.  So far she’s bought it.

Only because she’s very patriotic.

Um, until she edits this blog.


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Copyright 2012 MisfitWisdom RLV


Elizabeth Shue, (L) who will be replacing Marg on CSI

Just to be fair about it I Included this photo of Kermit....enjoy dear.


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