MisfitWisdom On “Kindle”….Um….Sort Of.

Actually I’m using an alias on Amazon’s Kindle.  Which is a cheap attempt to obtain some sort of respectably considering that I get absolutely no respect writing this blog. It’s called, “The Rodney Dangerfield Syndrome.” For which there is no cure.

Heyyyy, not only don't I get any respect, but MisfitWisdom doesn't either. Heyyyy.....maybe we're twins separated at birth!

Short of constantly fixing my necktie, as Dangerfield always used to do, because quite frankly I do not wear neckties, I opt to constantly fix my BVD’s at which time my other half always accuses me of playing pocket pool. Which I do on occasion for lack of a pool table.

In my decision to use my real actual name, as given to me by my parents who had absolutely no creative imagination when it came to naming me, I have published a new book through Amazon’s “Kindle” publishing service. Had my parents been a bit creative they might have given me a name worthy of my future talents. Something like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ernest Hemingway, or perhaps, using my first name, Richard, something original and catchy like, Richard Wadsworth Longfellow Hemingway.

But, perhaps because they were not around very much, along with the fact that 95% of my vocabulary consisted of swear words that I learned from my peers, perhaps they figured that if I did become a writer it most likely would be writing X-rated novels, so giving me a memorable name would be useless. Which is why they named me “Richard,” which for the most part people do not use and call me “Dick,” instead.  And when you think about it, “Dick” makes sense if they thought I was going to be writing hot steamy sexual stuff.

Like I said, “think about it.”  How many movies do ya watch when someone else calls someone a “Dick,” or “Dickhead.”  And they’re NOT referring to his name.

But, I fooled them. HAH!  The book now available on “Kindle” is entitled, “A Grimm Look At Fairy Tales*”  *for adults only.  Hmmm…..maybe my parents were right after all.

The book is an investigative look at what actually took place in a lot of those innocent fairy tales that have been around for years. There’s much more than meets the eye if you look into the facts deeply enough.  Without giving all of it away, I will say that more needs to be looked into with regard to Snow White and those Seven Dwarf guys living in the same house.  Which is exactly what I did, and, if you want to know what I discovered, ya have to buy the book.

WHAT!  Did ya think I was going to give it to you for nothin?”  I’m not stupid ya know.  Well, a bit stupid because I listed the “Kindle” price for the book at only, and get this, ONLY $3.99. Such a deal!

So, those of you who constantly opt not to use my ol “donate” button at the bottom of each blog because you think that you’re not getting anything in return, except a stupid blog, here’s your chance to atone for your cheapness. This time you DO get something.  A book to read in your “Kindle.”

That is if you actually have a “Kindle.”  And at this point I’m thinking that if none of you ever donated to MisfitWisdom you’re probably too broke to even afford buying a “Kindle.”

Hmmmm.  Maybe I should have just written a fairy tale about a poor destitute old blogger who lives in a house with a poor destitute old woman and five useless cats in a forest surrounded by a moat which keeps ogre bill collectors from having access to. Might throw in a dragon or a witch or two just for good measure.

Um…no…..don’t wanna offend my ex-mother-in-law with the witch thing.

“A Grimm Look At Fairy Tales*” *for adults only. Now available at Amazon.com on Kindle. For a sneak look, which is free, go to the “Kindle Store”(official site under books) and key in the book title, click on the blue highlighted title, and you will be able to open a few pages of the book. Because Amazon, and I both know that some of you aren’t gonna spend a few measly bucks buying it, so you’ll only be able to read a those few pages. Again, we’re not stupid ya know.

AND…it DOES start with, “Once Upon A Time.”

(NOTE: You can access my book on the following devices: Kindle, iPad, i Phone, PC, Mac, Blackberry, Droid, and Windows 7 phones. Any other devices such as strawberries, raspberries or pay phones are not compatible.) If you subscribe to “Kindle Prime,” you can actually borrow my book or any book for free, just like going to a library. Except that you don’t have to inhale that musty book smell or get dirty looks from the librarian because you spend so much time in the periodicals section ogling old copies of Playboy Magazine centerfolds.

A Grimm Look At Fairy Tales

A Grimm Look At Fairy Tales [Kindle Edition]

RICHARD VITTORIOSO (Author), Leilani Parker (Editor)

Digital List Price: $3.99 What’s this?
Prime Members: $0.00 (read for free) Prime Eligible
Kindle Purchase Price: $3.99

  • Includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet


(DONATE) The PayPal MisfitWisdom donate link is posted below. If it is not highlighted, copy and paste it into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site. Anyone who purchases my book will be exempt from ever having to donate in the future……..until I’ve exhausted my book sales….at which time you will be un-exempted.


Copyright 2012 MisfitWisdom RLV

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