Critics Now Harping On Michelle Obama…And The Beat, Or Harp Plucking Goes On

I for one have no idea how harping and playing the harp are connected, but, according to the MisfitWisdom dictionary, harping means, 1. to play a stringed instrument by plucking with the fingers. (not to be confused with chicken plucking, which you can also do with your fingers, but it’s much messier) 2. to talk or write about persistently and vexatiously.

I think that “vexatiously” is more suitable with regard to the recent stories circulating about Michelle Obama’s portrayal as an “angry black woman” whose often strong views draw her into conflict with President Obama’s top advisers.

“OK you damn Presidential advisers, how many times have I told you people…..nooooooo more eating in the oval office!”

Now I completely understand how any first lady might have a word or two to say to the people who advise the President. After all, she “is” the First Lady and I do not believe there is a gag order on First Ladies. So for cripes sake cut her some slack.

Candid photo of former First Lady Barbara Bush threatening George after finding the White House toilet seat up.

“Ohhhhh Misfit, noooo, you’re wrong. The First Lady should be gagged because the President is the one in charge and not her. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Much of this story about nothing surfaced due to a new book by Jodi Kantor, (no relation to Eddie Cantor) titled, “The Obamas.” In the book, Kantor portrays a White House where tensions developed between Mrs. Obama and former White House chief of staff, (the guy in charge of staffs, but with no sheep involved) Rahm Emanuel and former press secretary and presidential adviser Robert Gibbs. (no relation to the Gibb brothers of Bee Gee fame)

Soooooo, (going back in history) it was ok for Nancy Reagan to also advise the President (Ronny) and tell him that he should fire advisers John Sears, (no relation to Sears and Roebuck) along with Michael Deaver and their associates after a feud between Sears and Deaver took place. OMG!!

AND….according to the official MisfitWisdom research staff (me) it was completely ok for Nancy to play a role in a few of Ronny’s personal and diplomatic decisions. OMG!!  The nerve of that woman.

OR…..Nancy hired an astrologer to help out the Pres. on those days when the Sun and the Moon and Mercury rising might lead to caution in facing the day. You know how the moon affects people.  I swear by that one because when the moon is full, I have this sudden urge to strip down naked and run outside and howl at the moon.  To prevent this from happening I now close my blinds at night.

But it’s a fact. Nancy had Ronny’s days color coded according to their astrologers advice in order to determine which days and times would be best for the President’s safety and success.

“Um…Nancy, is it ok for me to meet with Queen Elizabeth in the Rose garden today?”

“WAIT!  According to your astrological chart today is not a good day to meet with her. Ask her if she’s available a week from today when your stars are aligned with Mars and the Moon is waxing. Oh yeah….tell her to scrap any hats she might want to wear and simply wear a scarf.  I sense danger in hats on that day.”

(and it wasn’t even the Age of Aquarius)

So, Michelle Obama is said to have bristled at some of the demands and constraints of life in the White House. SO WHAT!  I myself bristle, whatever bristling is, at the constraints of my own house. The only reason you haven’t heard about is it that no one pays any attention to my bristling.

So, does THAT make her an “angry black woman” in deference to being an angry white woman” in the White House.  What the hell does color have to do with it anyway?  The angry black woman is what Michelle says is “an image that people have tried to paint on me since the day Barack announced that I’m some kind of angry black woman.”  Yes, her husband said that, but, like any other married guy, he CAN say that about HIS wife. It’s not ok for everyone else to say.

HEY….I personally know a lot of angry women. Two of whom I was married to. However, none of them live in the White House, but, if they did, I’m sure they’d still be angry. And I’d sure as hell say they were angry women. Course my chances of living would diminish considerably.

So, like, a First Lady doesn’t have the right to be angry and spout off every now and then simply because she’s the First Lady?  Gimmie a break here folks. Once again the ol bottom line is……”NON STORY.”

I’ll bet you every single First, Second, or Third Lady, (depending on just how many times a President has been married, or if Newt gets in) has displayed an angry streak or two while in the White House.  Maybe even in the White House bathroom when they run out of toilet paper.  Geez, that even ticks me off when I run out, and I’m not even in the White House.

But, all in all, considering that the main goal of all of the candidates running is to “beat Obama” which is more important than solving our problems, I can see why this non story would make the news.  Because anything….I’ll repeat……”anything” negative about the Obamas, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, their dog, or Johnny Depp standing on a table during an “Alice in Wonderland” party for the children of servicemen, would obviously be spicy negative news for Obama haters to feast on.  Yum yum.

“WAIT!!!  The Obamas held an “Alice in Wonderland” party in the White House with Johnny Depp!!!  OMG!!!”

“um yes, but it was for the children of serv…………….”

“I don’t care who it was for.  It’s blasphemy  I tell ya!  Blasphemy!!  Taxpayer money!!   Crudeness stepping on a dining table!!!  Making fun of Wonderland people!!!   The freakin’ nerve.”

“But um, blasphemy is if you say something against God or something sacred.”

“Um…..well…er……I don’t care, I’m sure he blasphemized (my word) something, maybe called Alice a tramp or something or called the “Mad Hatter” mad or um, a Republican or Tea Potty supporter.  Those damn Democrats, they’re always angry, so I’m sure they did something wrong…..damn SOB’s.”

Well, that’s enough angry stuff for today folks. Until the next edition of , “What The F**K Did Obama Do Or Say Today,” this is MisfitWisdom signing off.

WTF……I’m out of toilet paper again….damn…..#@!^$@!

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