Architect Claims Mayans Moved To Georgia

The revelation by architect and sometimes researcher Richard Thornton that the Mayans,…yes….the same Mayans who are driving us nutso with their “end of the world” prediction, has raised some eyebrows, including possibly those of Sam Waterston, (check out his eyebrows) Come to think of it, even my own eyebrows raised up a bit.

Thornton says that he has uncovered what he thinks are ruins left behind by the Mayans.  Most likely after a wild party.  You all know how those Mayans just loved to party.

For the record, the Mayans were known to have run construction companies in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and in southern Mexico. Most likely due to the low-cost of labor and the fact that there were no unions around back then.

But Thornton says that he has uncovered a 1,100-year-old site near Georgia’s highest mountain, “Brasstown Bald” and that he thinks it’s possibly the site of the city of Yupaha which Spanish Explorer Hernando de Soto, (same guy they named a car after and who also had a hide-a-way known as Hernando’s Hideaway) failed to find in 1540.  Only because he did not have a good working GPS system. Electronics were not really perfected back then.

Velllly interrrrresting....but sthupid. Vee all know "WE" got rid of da Mayans...heh heh heh.

He went on to say that he based his conclusions on the fact that he uncovered irrigation terraces near Brasstown Bald mountain which include mounds, (no Almond Joy) which he believes are similar to those found at Mayan settlements in Central America.  Most of his conclusions however are based on oral history.

Kinda like a “he said she said.” In this instance, they said to him what others said to others which in turn may have been said by someone else who in turn said them to the Mayans who might have said that to people in Central America who in turn may have said stuff to other people…thus, oral history. No dentists were involved in this oral history stuff however.

This story of course went viral on the Internet.  But you wouldn’t have paid much attention to it unless you were an archeologist, history buff, a Mayan living in Georgia and retired, or just plain bored and you found it on the Internet.

What all this has to do with the world ending on December 21st, 2012 is beyond me.  Actually, I think it has nothing to do with the world ending other than possibly the Mayans did not keep up on their lease for land in Central America and moved to Georgia, which may account why their calendar ended for the year 2012. Which is good news for us if they can uncover a new Mayan calendar in Georgia that picks up where the old one left off.

This discovery in Georgia near Brasstown Bald mountain possibly being a Mayan ruin is just speculation at this point in time.  Until Thornton or someone else can definitely come up with something conclusive to prove his theory, like an actual relative of some Mayan or at least a Mayan newspaper, TV guide, or the remains of an old De Soto, otherwise it’s still back to square one.

Which is, once again is, December 21st, 2012.

But ya know what always bothers me about all of this Mayan stuff. Why is it we know so much about the Three Wise Men; Mary and Joseph going to the inn and getting turned down because they had no credit cards; Noah’s Ark and the great flood and all those animals doing Gawd knows what on that boat; that guy Barabbas who got a pardon instead of JC; Cleopatra and Mark Antny’s escapades and that stinkin’ asp; and Newt Gingrich’s marriages….yet…..yet…..we know nothing at all about what happened to the Mayans.

Where the hell is Fox News when ya need them?

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(for those of you who want to know about “Hernando’s Hideaway,” should you care to hideaway, click or paste on the YouTube link below and Archie Bleyer will entertain you)

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