God Told Me To Write “THIS” Blog

Well, um, I’m not sure if it actually WAS God himself because I know for a fact that He’s really tied up with this current political campaign, but I figured if Herman Cain heard directly from God when he said that God told him to run for President, then maybe, jussssst maybe God might have told me to write this.  Sounded like a good reason to me.

Thnx to "Political Humor About.com"

Anyway, I think I’m going someplace where it’s very warm, and from what they tell me, I won’t need any matches for my cigarettes.  I’m assuming this must be a very tropical place that has volcanos or something.

I’ve determined this by the number of times I’ve been told that. So I decided to check on what that place was.  Thought I’d do that while I’m writing this blog.  So hold on a sec.

(checking the Internet)

OMG!!! OMG!!!  Those rotten no good SOB’s. They’re telling me I’m going to…(gasp)…..HELL!   No wonder I won’t need any matches for my cigarettes!

Hmmmm…..maybe it WASN’T God who told me to write this after all.

Well, I kinda figured I’d be going in that downward direction anyhow a long time ago. Not because I do not attend church regularly. Or because I don’t believe in God, which I do.  Or because I may have omitted a few sins here and there during my confessional days.  Not even because I’ve said and used the 7 words you can’t say on TV….according to the late George Carlin.  Nope….none of those things.

I’m going to that warm place because I do not believe that religion should be brought up when it comes to politics.  I firmly believe in separation of church and state. Whatever state you happen to live in…or…..whatever your state of mind is.  These days it’s hard to tell with all of the nut cases running around.

I’m extremely distressed that one word keeps popping up in this years cartoon style election campaign. That word is, “evangelical.”   Suddenly many of the candidates are slipping that word into their campaigns.  So, I went to the website, “ReligiousTolerance.org” to see if I could first find out what “evangelical” means.

I copy and pasted,( because I absolutely love pasting) a part of what they said “evangelical” means, along with a poll that they took. (below)

A public opinion poll by Ellison Research showed that 36% of American adults have no idea what the term “evangelical” means.This includes:

  • 32% of men;
  • 39% of women;
  • 46% (almost a majority) of those under 35 years-of-age;
  • 27% of those who define themselves as conservative;
  • 45% of self-defined moderates;
  • 34% of self-defined liberals;
  • 38% of Democrats;
  • 37% of independents; and
  • 29% of Republicans.

The poll showed that even 14% of people who call themselves evangelicals don’t know how to define the term!

So that’s what they had listed. Along with a little blurb that said that the word “evangelical” stems from a Greek word, “euangelion”, which, is completely Greek to me, but means, according to the Greeks or those people at that web site, “gospel or good news.”

So, I’m guessing that evangelicals spread the gospel and along with it any good news that they might happen to know.  Which saves you from having to buy a newspaper or watching TV to find out what good news there is.

Which is fine, but why is it that the candidates are courting the evangelicals? Surely there are other groups around that have good news to tell all of us as well. Unless the good news evangelicals have is better than the good news that other religions have.  Which kinda slights all of the other religions and gives evangelicals sort of an edge when it comes to spreading the good news.

Which is why I don’t think religion and politics are a good mix. Because if it’s only the evangelicals that politicians are courting, then that’s really gonna tick off all of the other religions because I’m sure they have good news to tell and no one running for the presidential nomination is letting them tell their good news.

We means we could all be deprived of other good news that other religions have. My thinking is that I want as much good news as I can get my hands on.

So, my advice to those politicians who keep talking about evangelical this and evangelical that is to share all of that good news by mentioning all of the other religions in their campaigns.  Who knows, maybe other religions have better good news. Maybe not.  But they all deserve equal time.

Unless of course evangelicals have a super pac fund-raising system with a direct line to God who in turn funnels campaign funds to only evangelical candidates.

In that case….you other guys are screwed.

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2 Responses to God Told Me To Write “THIS” Blog

  1. Doc says:

    I used to know a girl named Eve. When I first created her, she was angelical. And that was the start of the word “evangelical.” Then she became a devil in a blue dress–I know this because when other men saw her, they would always comment, “Hell Yeah!” Thus the formation of a new word: hellbent.

    By the way, you ARE going to hell if you keep this political BS up (I’m not allowed to say “bulls**t”), only in a handbasket though.

    See you in church…better hurry.

  2. SVG says:

    Yeah, that’s right Doc.

    Hurry, because the world will end on December 21.

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