BBC Woman of The Year Stirs Up A Firestorm

This week’s biggest controversy, besides the other several thousand other controversies you’ll find all over the news, is one from our neighbors across the sea.  Over in England people are all bent out of shape over the BBC’s selection of the woman of the year.

Yes, I know, you’re all thinking, geez…just how bad can this be? I mean, can this woman be soooo ugly that it’s causing this huge outrage in Britain? So much so that Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott said: “So the BBC couldn’t find a woman for Sports Personality of the Year, but they could find a panda for female face of the year.”

He’s referring to the fact that, yes folks, the BBC picked a PANDA for the “Female Face of the Year.”  Yep….a Panda. You know….those cute fuzzy looking bears that no one can resist. Yep….face of the year.  A panda.

"Tian-Tian" Britian's "Face of the Year" Oooooooh how cute.....

Ya see, the Deputy Prime Minister, (I assume he’s just a deputy because someone above him is the sheriff and actually leads the posse) feels that there were much better choices than that Panda named “Tian Tian.”  Who, by the way is on loan from China and lives in a rented condo at the Edinburgh Zoo.

He thought perhaps female faces such as Pippa Middleton ,Prince William’s new sister-in-law, South African Charlene Whittstock, who’s married to Prince Albert of Monaco, or Spanish Billionaire, the Duchess of Alba would have been better choices.

Pippa Middleton, Charlene Whittstock, and the Duchess, (pant pant) of Alba

BUT….I can understand why the BBC opted for the Panda.

Let’s look at this logically.  You’ve got three good choices for Face of the Year. Pippa, Charlene, and that Duchess, (Alba)  Now, being a bit sensitive, as most British are, which is why they drink a lot of tea, which is out of respect for our destruction of millions of tea bags during that famous Boston Tea Party revolt, they obviously did not want to be in the position of offending any one of those three beautiful, um…er…..ok, ok…two beautiful woman by having to choose just one over the other. So, to play it safe, they chose the Panda.  Smart thinking as far as I’m concerned.

I mean, look at it logically folks.  Pippa is steaming hot so she could have won the vote hands down.  Charlene might have squeaked in and, the Duchess, um…er…..well um….er…..the Duchess who’s 85 years old and just married a civil servant 24 years her junior and has a lot of money, (she’s a billionaire) might have cried foul.  She does have a point too considering she is rather lovely in comparison to Pippa and Charlene, don’t ya think.

(covering the face of my watch lest it crack)

So, I really don’t understand the flap over all of this and the ire of the Deputy Prime Minister. The BBC played it safe by giving it to the bear. You know the old saying, “When in doubt….punt.”

I, personally would have gone for the Duchess of Alba. Not only because she’s a billionaire, but based on that old song by Jimmy Soul, “If You Wanna Be Happy” (YouTube link below)

Then again, it’s been a while since I’ve had my prescription glasses updated.

One last note. If the BBC ever has a, “Man Face of the Year,” which I hope they never do, but, if they do, I’d have to vote for the one person who in my demented mind, has always implanted into my brain what all Britons sound and look like. Which is teeth….lots of them…..that accent that sounds like they’re talking with a mouth full of marbles, and the poster child for all of England…CNN’s Richard Quest. (pictured)

“I say old boy….care for a spot of tea?”

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2 Responses to BBC Woman of The Year Stirs Up A Firestorm

  1. Doc says:

    This article reminds me of those nights when I used to drink a lot (which was only last night, I think, don’t know, just woke up). My buddies and I would assign a number for each woman seen at the bar, something like, “well, she’s a 4-9-5”, or “1-1-1” or similar. (like, it would take “4” drinks over “9” hours for her to look like at least a “5”). You get the idea…

    In that row of pictures of women you have above, I would typically see the duchess on the right as my first encounter, assign her a number such as “40-20-1”, and after about 2 hours, she would be close to the second middle picture “2-1-10”, then finally the last picture on the left “1/2-15-10” (half a drink in 15 minutes to look like a “10”).

    Then I’d see the bouncer looking like “him” and pass out.

    Afterward, I would venture to my car–hopefully not with “40-20-1.” Make it home, and see the Panda at my front door, strangely with a frying pan in its hand.

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