People We Will Not Miss From 2011

I’ll guarantee you that someone out there WILL miss some of these people. There’s always a few nut cases roaming around loose who never seem to have a freakin’ clue. I equate this to the number of stories I’ve read over the years about convicted murderers, rapists, bank robbers and serial killers who receive love letters from various women professing their undying love for them. I don’t get it.

Well, maybe the cereal killer thing.  As in one instance when the cops broke into a house, found this guy naked in the bathtub up to his ears in milk and covered by tons of Frosted Flakes.  They determined that it was the work of a cereal killer. THAT one I can understand completely.  One can only take so much of Tony the Tiger yelling, “Grrr-eat” into your ear. I think he gets letters from admiring females as well.

Former cereal offender "Tony the Tiger."

In an article by Mary Rose on “” she lists a few of the most notable notorious people from 2011.  So I took a look at them and added my own comments.

Dr. Conrad Murray who was sentenced to 4 years in the slammer for over prescribing drugs to Michael Jackson which led to the singers ultimate demise.  Which is one reason he should have followed other doctors leads and not made house calls. When was the last time a doctor actually came to your house?  Other than those septic doctors that clean out your drain. If Doc Murray is scared about going to jail he’d better lay off playing Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller.”

Ah yes, the Kardashians. I for one would like to see them just go away. Anyplace, anywhere for gawds sake. Other than the constant boobalollapalozza cleavage displays what’s the point?  Or points. Don’t any of you out there think that your lives are just as entertaining as that of the Kardashians?  Unless there is a cleavage deficiency in your family and you wouldn’t make the cut.

Mariah Yeater who claimed that singer Justin Bieber fathered her child and filed a paternity suit. Did the word “condom” ring a bell. Maybe not, but I bet ya the word “money” did.

“Soooooo, was it good for you Mariah?”

“Ohhhh Justin, (pant) it was wonderful, and I can tell that you’re still turned on you little devil. Your wallets still hard. I’ll bet ya you still have a lot left in there.”

Then there’s the late Muammar Gadaffi, Quadaffi, Kadaffi, whatever, (thank God he’s gone only because I could never, along with anyone else, spell his first name correctly. Apparently, neither could he.

Dominque Strass-Kahn, economist, lawyer, politician and member of the French Socialist Party who was accused of raping a chambermaid, (pickings must be sparse in France) and has an attraction for transvestite prostitutes. My question here is……why the hell isn’t this guy running for the Republican nomination for President. We all could use another good sex scandal. At least I could…….God I miss Antny Wiener and Herman Cain.

Then there’s Arnold Schwarzenegger…..”The Schwartz” be with you Arnold.  But it wasn’t. He got nailed for, (sigh) another one, jumping his longtime maid’s bones. Ya know, what the hell is it with these maids anyhow? Aren’t they supposed to be doing something, like, seven maids a milking? I personally thought the butler would get caught doing that stuff. Nah…..maybe not…..the butler is always the one who murders someone.

Arnold,....iss dat you? Are you baaaaaaaack?

Jerry Sandusky the Penn State coach accused of abusing over 40 boys. See what happens when ya don’t occupy your free time playing football.

And finally there was Osama bin Laden. None of us will miss him. Most prominently Obama because people kept getting the names mixed up. You say Osama I say Obama. You say potato, I say potatoe, you say, “you can’t spell ya damn jerk,” I say, “Hey, who the hell do I look like anyhow…….Dan Quayle!”

Personally I think the list lacked a few individuals who will also not be missed. Rev. Harold Camping: “The skies falling, The skies falling.”  Former Illinois Governor Ron Blagovitchivithchitoblago, only because I could never spell his name right either. Hah….wait till they have to print his name out on his prison uniform. And Charlie Sheen because he always reminded me of how dull my life really is.

AND…..finally…..the one single person on the face of this earth that is still around but I wish he’d just go away because I’m tired of seeing him so close to House Speaker John Boehner 99% of the time that all I can think of is that he’s Boehner’s twin separated at birth and they forgot to cut the umbilical cord……Rep. Eric Cantor. (R-Va)

Ok….here’s a test for ya. For the next month when you watch Speaker Boehner on TV count the number of times Cantor is standing next to him, behind him, walking with him or in an emotional embrace.  Well, maybe not that last one, but I bet he does give him a few hugs off camera.

Ok….that’s all folks!  Now….bring on the idiots for 2012.

Gotta go now…….I’m looking on the Internet for maids.  Heh, heh.

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