“TOTO…If We’re In Kansas, Let’s Get The Hell Outta Here!”

These days Dorothy and Toto might be better off trying to get back to the land of OZ. It’s so much peaceful there. All kinds of beautiful flowers. A bunch of little Munchkins running around all over the place. And that wicked witch dead and buried.  At least I think they eventually buried her.

Ah yes…..the land of Oz.

"Toto, Toto.....click your paws....we got to get the hell outta here fast!"

Meanwhile back in Kansas, all is not so well.  Henceforth and forsooth why Dorothy and Toto need to join up with a bunch of storm chasers and hope they get swooped up in a tornado and whisked back to the land of Oz.

WHAT you say?  All is not well in Kansas?

But Misfit, Kansas is a beautiful place with rolling fields and flowers and wide open spaces and, dogs and cats running around and little children sucking on lollipops, where the skies are not cloudy all day and never is heard a discouraging word….um…..until now.

WHAT!  A discouraging word!  In KANSAS!!! Tell me it ain’t so!

Yep podner. I’m afraid it’s so. A discouraging word.  In fact, a bunch of discouraging words.

It’s like this folks. A “Tea Party” group in Kansas, or, as I like to refer to them as, “Tea Potty,” says that it’s depiction of President Obama as a skunk is satire and not racism.  SATIRE for cripes sakes. Don’t you damn people get it. It’s a freakin’ joke. Geez….lighten up will ya.

The Kansas Hutchinson-based Patriot Freedom Alliance says on its website that, like the president, the skunk is, “half black, and half white and almost everything it does stinks.”

Nope, nooooo racism there folks.  It’s strictly meant to be satire and should be viewed as that don’t ya think.   Just like when radio personality Don Imus used that “nappy-headed ho” comment on his radio program and was fired.  Just satire…not racism.

Me thinkith those Tea Potty members from that group in Kansas might be spending waaaaay to much time out in those rolling fields inhaling stuff from those strange-looking plants that are growing out there. Either that, or there’s some really good potent tea leaves growing out there in Kansas.

Look folks…..whether you like the President or not there’s still a certain amount of respect the office of the President deserves. Privately, you can say whatever the hell you want about anybody. BUT…that said, “publicly,” especially if you’re a political group, such as the “Tea Party” this comment, or as they claim, “satire” was totally uncalled for and clear-cut racism.

Anyone who has a computer and access to the Internet, which I assume you have, considering you’re reading this blog, unless you’re peeking over someone’s shoulder cause you’re too cheap to buy your own computer, should immediately bang off an e-mail to those people in Kansas and simply say: “WTF!!!  Are you people a bunch of wackos or what!”

Might want to ask them what the hell they’re smokin’ too.

Trust me here folks.  With the political climate the way is it right now I for one would opt to head back to Oz myself.  I’ve tried it myself by clicking my heels time and time again but I keep winding up with a pair of fallen arches. Maybe I need to get a dog if that’s how it works. Or at least hang out with a Tin Man, Scarecrow and a Lion.

The next thing ya know they’ll be paving over that baseball field from the movie, “Field of Dreams” because Obama is a Cubs fan.  That’s not racism, but I’m sure some Tea Party group in Kansas will tie in the tar used in paving the field to Obama.

Sometimes I say to myself, “I’d resign from the human race if I knew where to hand in my resignation.”  That’s just how bad it’s gotten over the past few years.

Unable to hand in my resignation, or, click my heels and get to Oz, I’m just going to swear off drinking tea, lest my brain cells deteriorate and I wind up like an idiot in Kansas at a Tea Party meeting.

Altogether now folks………………………

“I could wile away the hours
Conferrin’ with the flowers
Consultin’ with the rain
And my head I’d be scratchin’
While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
If I only had a brain.”

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Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV

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