Lady Ga Ga’s Thanksgiving Special Show…..I Think I’ve Been Ga Ga’d

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Now first of all keep in mind that I am a product of the 50’s, thru the 80’s when it comes to music.  Also keep in mind, if you’ve read my bio at the bottom of this blog that I spent many years as a radio disc jockey when it took talent to be an actual disc jockey and not just the ability to hook up a few wires to a computer, pick out some songs and then call yourself a disc jockey.

That said, after the rap music craze hit, I basically stuffed my ears with window putty and completely tuned out.  This is something that will happen to most of you when you reach a certain age, usually closer to death. For me, it was around age 50 or 55.  That’s when I started to listed to other things like talk radio.  Until the crazies took that over and I was back to stuffing my ears with putty again.

But, on occasion I happen to become a bit curious when it comes to today’s music when one particular artist stands out from the crowd. That being Lady Ga Ga.  Not only because of her music, but other things as well. Like wearing a piece of meat on her head.  Her outrageous costumes and hats, the near naked look that she projects with sheer material that resembles skin, and because she’s Italian and, like myself, has an Italian nose.  Which is one reason I never joined the Mafia because obviously my Mafia nickname would be “Dickie The Nose.”

So it was with great anticipation that I watched Lady Ga Ga’s Thanksgiving special on television the other night, which of course was Thanksgiving, and I really enjoyed it.  Especially when she teamed up with Tony Bennett for a duet of, “The Lady Is A Tramp.”  Kinda like a gathering of Italian noses.  Which made me feel even more comfortable.

What the heck were they teaching when Ga Ga went to Catholic School

I especially enjoyed the “Bad Romance” song, which is the same song she performed at President Bill Clinton’s birthday party a short time ago and retitled it, “Bill Romance,” although I can’t understand why.  NOT! (YouTube video below)

(Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp or Paula Jones were not in the audience as far as I could tell)

Lady Ga Ga in some ways reminds me of Madonna. You will all recall the outfits Madonna wore, especially the pointy boob ones.  (sigh) Reminds me of those pointy boob days back in high school. Which led to many of us guys having to go to the school nurse for eye injuries. Especially me….I was only 5′ 4″ tall. Boob level size.

And, it was great that Ga Ga decided to stage the show at  “The Convent of the Sacred Heart Catholic” school that she attended when she was younger.  She even introduced one of her teachers, Sister something or other, and the nun had much praise for Ga Ga. Most likely because she’s only aware of Ga Ga’s popularity and hasn’t actually seen her perform…..until that evening, and most likely is now in a confessional somewhere on the Sacred Heart grounds.

“Forgive me father, I had no idea Ga Ga drove men Ga Ga and that there was gonna be boobs all over the place.”

“You are forgiven Sister Enuncio.  For your penance just sing two choruses of  “Amazing Grace” and one of “Bringing in the Sheaves.”

Sheaves: 1. A grooved pulley wheel.  Which, to me, makes no sense when it comes to a religious song.  Might be more suited in a factory or something. You know, like praying that a pulley doesn’t snap and hit ya in the groin or something.

But this does not mean that I’m going to be listening to current music because I think Lady Ga Ga is not only talented, has a great voice, and is hot. Nope.  It only means that I can easily be suckered into watching Lady Ga Ga for those very reasons that I just mentioned. Which was quite obvious to my other half when she observed my nose pressed up against the TV set and drool running down my chin.

Usually the same effect when I eat spaghetti with crushed red pepper, but there’s no sex involved.

Yes, sex sells, and that’s one of Lady Ga Ga’s best attributes. Besides the fact that she CAN belt out a tune. Not bad for a nice Italian girl who went to a Catholic school.

And to think……a while ago you couldn’t eat meat on a Friday if you were Catholic…..which may account for the fact that one of Lady Ga Ga’s outfits was a piece of meat stuck on her head.

Making up for lost eating meat on Friday time.

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