Thanksgiving. A Day Of Saying, “Hey Thanks.”

Yep, today is Thanksgiving Day and we’re all celebrating by stuffing ourselves with all kinds of goodies….including the traditional turkey.  In my case, because the economy has hit my family (me and the other half) very hard, I had to go out and find a fat looking pigeon that I could pass off as a turkey.  Not easy ya know. What with hanging around the big city waiting for one of those suckers to land near me and then enticing it with some peanuts.

How most turkeys avoid getting the ol axe on Thanksgiving

Got a damn parking ticket too.

President Obama did the official pardoning of a turkey yesterday.  The regular turkey type with feathers and all because Donald Trump couldn’t make it.

I’m sure THAT particular turkey was quite happy with the results too.  The way they select the turkey to be pardoned is that a farmer gets up first thing in the morning, heads out to the turkey place, a barn or something, who knows, and one by one passes out straws to each turkey.  Who ever draws the longest straw gets to be pardoned by the President.  The rest of them are basically screwed.

The very first Thanksgiving took place in Virginia back in 1907. Um, wait, that’s not right.  (checking) Oh, sorry, it was back in 1607.  But it wasn’t a real holiday back then because there were no unions or a lot of politicians to push for a holiday just to sit down and eat turkey. Then, back in 1621 the very first really big gigantic Thanksgiving celebration took place at Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts between 13 Pilgrims and 90 Indians.

Obviously the Pilgrims were outnumbered so they really didn’t have much to say about the menu considering the main course consisted of fish, (cod) eels, bass, shellfish, wild fowl, venison, fruit and vegetables, beans, corn and squash.  There was no mention as to if the fowl was a turkey or not but it may have very well been. I personally don’t think there were any pigeons around back then.  I could be mistaken however.  You’ll have to do your own research on that one folks.

Officially Thanksgiving was not declared a holiday until Abe Lincoln said it was going to be a holiday back in 1963.  No, that’s not right. (checking again) Oh, yeah, that was 1863…sorry. By then most Indians were living in Cleveland and into baseball so I’m sure many of them did not attend that Thanksgiving, and if they had, they would have been outnumbered and not have dominated the menu selection as they did back in 1621.

Today, as we all stuff our faces with turkey, and the usual desserts, we should all take a moment to reflect on how thankful we all should be on this day.

Thankful that back in 1621 turkeys, or some other tasty fowls were in abundance and that’s what the Pilgrims and Indians chose to cook up.

Had there not been an over abundance of these fowls, we could very well be eating sautéed possum, skunk or groundhog.  Which may have led ol Abe to have second thoughts about proclaiming the 4th Thursday in November as Thanksgiving day.  Which would have been a Godsend for turkeys but not very good for us.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day folks.

“Honeeeee… the Thanksgiving pigeon ready?”

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