Boobs, Butts, and Tori Spelling

Ah yes, it’s a wonderful Sunday once again.  And what better way for all of you men reading today’s blog to wake up rejuvenated and raring to go than with a blog about butts and boobs.  Notice I didn’t say “and Tori Spelling.”

First of all the boob quote of the week courtesy of Bob Jusko, of Forked River, New Jersey in a letter to the editor of “Playboy Magazine” responding to the differences between Playboy bunnies of the 1960’s and today. Other than the fact that the Playboy bunnies of the sixties are now all in their 60’s and most likely spending their time in bingo halls with a lot of old men ogling them.

His quote: “The bunnies of the sixties are gorgeous with natural breasts in all shapes and sizes, unlike the majority you see today, which seem to have been purchased at Boobs R Us.”

Hey Bob…..wanna send me a list of the nearest “Boobs R Us” in my area.

This boob stuff I’m writing about today all started when Dean McDermott, Tori Spellings husband decided to share with the world of tweetdom via “Twitter” cute adorable photos of their child romping all around.  Unbeknownst to Dean, his wife’s Tori’s, (hide your watches) breasts were exposed in the video footage.  Exposed as in, “OMG…look Harvey, Tori Spelling’s boobs are in this video!”

For comparison’s sake, a web site posted what they considered to be the worst boob jobs ever and had a photo of Tori alongside Adriana Partridge and Tori Spelling. (the boobs pictured to your right…..left if you’re dyslectic)

Audrina (L) Tori (R) unless you're looking at boobs, otherwise it's left and right.

I, for one, did not go searching the web for the exposure for obvious reasons. Which foremost is that I can’t see anything sexually appealing about Tori Spelling.  Of course that’s just MY opinion folks.  The rest of you who disagree with me can kick-start your search browsers and enjoy.

Onward towards the butts portion of today’s blog.

Another website took issue with Pippa Middleton’s butt in leggings.  The writer, the “Stirs” Nicole Fabian-Weber, felt that Pippa did not look good in leggings and should not be wearing them as pants citing  a “cardinal fashion no-no.” Again, photo to your right>>>>>>>>>

PIPPA!!! PIPPA!!! TURN AROUND!!!! Pant....pant...pant...Yes, I know, all men are perverts.

I’m assuming this is similar to fashion experts going into a mad frenzy when they catch anyone wearing white after Labor Day. As well as a bunch of crazed American women from all over the U.S. gasping at their husbands when THEY wear white after Labor Day.  The exception being professional painters who get to wear white year round. Most of whom are unmarried because women can’t stand that they wear white after Labor Day even though legally they can.

I personally see nothing wrong with observing Pippa Middleton’s butt in leggings, pants or otherwise. Find me one red-blooded American male who thinks she looks terrible in that photo and I’ll show you a brain-dead person or some guy with a vision impairment…….like blindness.

Now, if ya reallllly wanna know my impression of what bad boobs are, depending on your own personal preferences of course, plant this next photo into your brain cells.


THIS is what I call a bad boob job….by nature. Just goes to show you once again that God does have a sense of humor, or, this woman did waaaaay too much praying for a big set of boobs when she was younger.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with this one final boob photo which I used a few months ago when I last wrote a blog about boobs.  It comes from the distant island of Boobalonia where ancient native tribesmen were experimenting with various ways to enhance their native women’s boobs and couldn’t find any native women to participate in any of their experiments. As you can see by this last photo, they eventually DID find a willing volunteer….

and the rest is history.


The MisfitWisdom PayPal boob donate link is listed below. If it’s not highlighted in gigantic proportions, (boob size DDDDDD) just copy and paste it, (the link and not the boobs) into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site. All donations are greatly appreciated and will NOT be used in any way for boob enhancement surgery.

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