Herman’s Back! Hermans’ Back! Um….Munster, Not Cain.

The good news story of the day is this.  NBC has ordered a pilot of a new TV sitcom.

The bad news of the day is that the new sitcom isn’t really new, but is going to be a remake of the 1960’s television sitcom, “The Munsters.”

The typical all American family back in the 60's

Remember that one folks. Fred Gwynne as the Frankenstein character, Yvonne DeCarlo as his wife Lily, Al Lewis as grandpa, who was a vampire, Eddie Patrick as their very weird son and Beverly Owen as Marilyn, their neice, who was the only normal one out of the entire family.

I’m assuming the networks are scraping the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to come up with some new ideas for television programming. This obviously would be the very bottom of the ol barrel.

This of course can only mean one thing.  That the other networks are going to start scraping barrels too just to keep up with NBC’s plan to scrape more barrels.

I can see it now.  Remakes of a slew of 1960’s TV sitcoms. Watch out reality TV….here comes your competition.

With that in mind, MisfitWisdom has some suggestions for the other networks on 1960’s remakes that just  might be of interest to them.

A remake of  “I Love Lucy” starring Lindsay Lohan, thereby entitled, “I Love Lindsay.” Obviously the comedic part of this sitcom would be of Lindsay’s drunken escapades while attempting to bathe corpses in a morgue while doing her countless never-ending hours of community service.

A remake of “The Beverly Hillbillies” starring Donald Trump.  The Donald would start out living in New Jersey, poor, destitute, until he strikes oil at a nearby refinery next to his house, makes millions from his oil well, and then goes on to become a millionaire assh***e.

“Gomer Pyle USMC”  Perfect casting for the role of Gomer would be none other that Rick Perry.  I believe he’s shown he does have a talent for being cast as Gomer.

“Goleee Sergeant, rifle training on the range was sure fun.  Now lets see, I put the bullets in this here rifle, point it at the enemy and um, er…um….er…..goleee what the hell was the third thing I’m supposed ta do?”

“Make Room For Daddy” was a really great show with Danny Thomas.  The trials and tribulations of being a daddy.  Hmmmm…….who could we cast for that part?  I got it!  Justin Bieber.  Lots of trials and tribulations there folks.

“Get Smart” was a takeoff on a bumbling spy organization with the star of the show Don Adams.  Seeing that it took eons for the CIA spies to finally catch up with Osama bin Laden it might be a good comedy storyline for a new “Get Smart” sitcom which depicts spies running round all over the place looking for Osama in places like Cleveland, El Paso, Disneyland and various foreign food restaurants.

“The Flying Nun” which starred Sally Field could once again become a huge hit as long as they adapted it to the problems the Catholic church has had with sex scandals.  The new flying nun could just fly around all over the world and nab these sickos.  Perhaps even give her a storyline involving Penn State.

(had to throw that one in there)

“The Addams Family” which was similar to The Munsters, could also be picked up by a network to compete with the new Munsters.  Their family was also totally dysfunctional, as monsters go, although Gomez, (John Astin) was kinda dashing, along with his wife, Morticia, (Carolyn Jones) and of course their aide, “Itt” which always was a hand coming out of a box of some sorts.

Today the networks could revive “The Addams Family” using the Kardashian family and no one, and I mean no one, would know the difference. Besides, Kim Kardashian as Morticia with her Macy’s Parade balloon sized boobs would surely attract viewers if she were to wear the same outfits Morticia wore.  “Ohhhhhhh Gomez…….”  “Ohhhh  Morticia……..”

My last pick for a remake would be “Green Acres” which starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. The premise of this sitcom was that they moved out into the sticks and had to adjust to country living. Eddy loved it but Eva didn’t. So they argued quite  a bit.

If the networks were to bring back this show I’d without a doubt cast Newt Gingrich in the lead role along with his present wife.  Depending of course that his present wife is still his present wife at the time they cast the show. Considering Newt and his wife like to spend money at places like Tiffany’s and go on super cruises it might be a really funny show if he has to do without those things. Might even be funnier if they were to actually have some real live newts in the show too.

Well folks, those are my suggestions.  I’m sure most of you are already becoming nostalgic at the thought of seeing some of these shows once again. Or not.

I myself plan to watch the networks very carefully just to see if perhaps I could land a role in one of their new sitcoms.  I have one specifically in mind that suits me to a T. It was on television in 1958, and featured the character Dr. Peter Brady who was…..’The Invisible Man.”

Considering I’ve always wanted to be invisible, which I’ve managed to accomplish partly due to the fact that not many people read this blog, I thought that if I could really be invisible and appear on a remake of “The Invisible Man” that looks wouldn’t matter, (I’m freakin’ old) so therefore I’d be a shoo-in for the part.

AND….I have lots of experience in being invisible. Married twice and divorced because for the most part my ex wives considered me totally invisible. I’m retired, don’t go anyplace and can’t afford it anyhow, so I’m completely invisible to anyone.  Politicians totally ignore me.  AND…..I could walk stark naked through a Wal-Mart and nobody would look.  If that’s not being invisible then what is?  I’d be great for the part.

How I appeared to both my ex wives

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