LOOK! Up In The Sky…It’s A Bird! Nooo It’s A Plane! Noooo….Its The Super Committee

SPLAT!  Damn, that’s what I get for looking up in the sky. Now I’ve got political bird s**t all over my nice new Salvation Army shirt that I just bought for 4 bucks at one of their stores.  I HATE when that happens.

Blog readers. You'll understand this photo much more after reading the rest of this blog.

Not the bird s**t necessarily, but the s**t that’s gonna hit the ol fan and eventually wind up on my shirt once again. But not from birds.  But from that special Congressional bipartisan super committee that’s supposed to decide how to cut spending in Washington.

WHAT!  How to cut spending in Washington!  What, are ya nucking futs.  Who the hell on that panel is gonna want to cut spending in Washington without cutting off their supply of $$$$$$?  Geez, if that happens I’ll be fighting off some of these people in Congress for the really good stuff on the racks at the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores.

Why you so foolishly ask?  I’ll tell ya why.  Because the only way these bozos can cut spending in Washington is to cut their own salaries for starters. And we all know that ain’t gonna happen. If they ever did, THEN they’d be standing in line with me at those thrift stores.

You’ve got 12 members on that committee racking their pea sized brains attempting to find a way to cut spending from $1.2 trillion to $1.5 trillion over the next ten years by the 23rd of November.  Can anybody say, “bend over middle class and poor cause you’re gonna get it up the ol kazoo.”

First of all, do some research and get a list of all of the twelve members on that committee.  Then do some more research and find out the net worth of each member on that committee.  THEN, after you’ve done all of that research, tell me if you think any of them could possibly relate to any of us and how hard it is to make ends meet.  I thinkith not.

I’ll bet ya not one of them has ever stepped foot in a McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, or Subway.  Unless it was to take a shortcut through a mall to get to some high-priced steak house. Or they needed a bathroom in a real hurry.

(two congressmen cutting through a Burger King in D.C.)

“Hey Harry, what the hell is a whopper anyway?”

“Geez Newt, haven’t got a clue.  My guess…..someone telling a damn lie.”

“And what the hell is a french fry?”

“Oh…I know that one.  It’s when they burned French people at the stake during the inquisitions.”

See, it’s this way folks.  Congress is so far out of touch with us normal people who most, if not all of them, have no freakin’ idea what life is beyond the Capitol Hill steps, their limousines, the ride to their condos, (or hookers place) and the golf course.

Sooooo, what do ya think they’re going to cut?  Besides a big steak when they finish their committee stuff. Its going to be programs that affect us everyday slugs. Um….just a second…..I need to clarify this for a few who are not paying attention:


Sorry…..but there were a few people out there that just didn’t get it and panicked when I mentioned the word”programs.”

Ouote: Co-chairman Rep. Jeb Hensarling R-Texas said: I’d be willing to consider more revenue , but not until Democrats offered more serious steps to cut entitlement programs such as Medicare.”

He should have added: “As long as they don’t cut any of my entitlements as a Congressman.”

The other day I listened to someone on that radical left-wing Nazi communist terrorist radio network (NPR)  who said that all of our elected officials should be required to only make minimum wage.  My thoughts exactly.  AND….get the same health coverage as we slugs do.  AND….no freakin’ perks, like trips to Cancun, Disneyland, football games, and the “Chicken Ranch Brothel” in Texas. (note: there are no chickens there)

(Chicken Ranch sign with hooker on porch above)

(my apologies to NPR and to any chickens I may have offended)

Personally, because I AM a person, so, personally I feel that as much as I support the Wall Street Protests, I think a better option would be for someone with clout, or, a really good website, should start a petition which would change the law so that all members of Congrass, (no I spelled it that way on purpose) would be reduced to only making minimum wage.

Now, that said, let it be known that at one time all ya had to do to get the White House to respond to a petition on their “We The People” website was 5,000 signatures. However, because two recent petitions generated more than that, they have now raised the number of signatures to, (gasp) 25,000.  Rotten no good slimy SOB’s.

(links)  wethepeoplefoundation.org or wethepeoplecongress.org

Soooo.  I suggest that you all stick it to them big time.  Go to the “We The People” website and start a petition requiring all members of Congress to only make minimum wage. Post it on every single social media site. Send it to EVERYBODY.  Let’s see how far this goes.

If it works, a feather or two from the Chicken Ranch in our ol caps. If it doesn’t, at least we’ll show them we’re really pissed off.

One final note.  If by chance it DOES work and all members of Congress will only be making minimum wage……………

that can only mean that obviously the minimum wage is going to go up…..

and, along with Congressmen, we’ll all be making around $50,000 an hour too……

Which is enough money for all of us to visit the Chicken Ranch too.

(DONATE)  The MisfitWisdom PayPal official donate your life savings so that I can make what a Congressmen makes link is posted below. If it is not highlighted, copy and paste it into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site. Coupons for a free dinner at KFC are also accepted. Hell, if I can’t afford to go to the Chicken Ranch, at least I can eat one. (I know, there’s a joke in there but I ain’t gonna go there)


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