Hail Mary Full Of Gr…….WAIT!!!….It’s Pamela Anderson!!!!

You mean all of these years I’ve been praying to Pamela Anderson!!!  Holy Baywatch!!!

Now follow me on this folks.  A Canadian TV station is going to cast actress and former Playboy Centerfold and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson as the Virgin Mary in an upcoming program called,” The Russell Peters Special,” Whoever Russell Peters is.

Oh….according to Wikipedia, Russell Peters is a Ind-Canadian comedian, actor and disc jockey who has also appeared on Comedy Central.  Ok….soooooo what’s with the Virgin Mary Pamela Anderson thing then?

One, maybeeeee two of the many reasons I pray faithfully each and every night.

Oh…WAIT….I get it….Pamela Anderson, (pictured) resembles the Virgin Mary. How dumb of me not to spot the resemblance.

Mark this date on your religious calendar of events. December 1st.  That’s when the Christmas comedy special for CTV and the Comedy Network featuring Pamela as the Virgin Mary, along with guests Michael Buble, who I assume will belt out a version of “Ave Maria.”  Jon Lovitz, Ted Lange and Scott Thompson.

The event has been listed as a mix of comedy, music, performances and animation.  Me thinkith that Pamela will definitely not be animated.

Now of course when you throw religion, sex and comedy into the mix, you’re asking for a severe penance. Most likely a backlash from the Christian Community.  Might stem from the fact that Pamela is no Virgin Mary, is wearing white flowing stuff in the special and has posed nude for Playboy Magazine.

Comon’ Christians….lighten up for cripes sakes. Surely there’s comedy up there in Heaven.  And I know there’s a lot of white flowing robes and things.  Maybe even a bit of nudity considering when you go to Heaven you most likely have no clothes on and it might take a while to get fitted for those robes, wings and a halo.  So being nude is really nothing those angel people haven’t seen before.

I’m absolutely sure after seeing Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Jane Russell and Anna Nicole Smith entering St Peter’s gate in their birthday attire that Heaven and all those people who work up there must be used to nudity by now.

Do they get Playboy Magazine up in Heaven?  Just a thought.  I’d be willing to bet they get it in the other place where it’s verrrrry hot.

The director of “Biola’s Torrey Honors Institute,” John Mark Reynolds, which is at the university in La Mirada, California, stated with regard to Anderson’s role as the Virgin Mary:  “Actors are, as Sir Ian McKellon reminds us, paid to pretend. He wasn’t Gandalf and Anderson is not the Blessed Virgin.”

Still……white clothing and a bit of air which makes white robes flow does give one the sense of purity don’t ya think?  After all, you never see an angel dressed in anything other than white do ya.  Not that I’ve ever seen an angel in the first place mind you.  It’s just an assumption on my part that they all just naturally dress in white.  Maybe that’s the standard dress code up there in Heaven.

Hmmmmm, so much for all of the Levi’s I’ve got.  Which accounts for the wide selection of Levi jeans one finds in a Goodwill store.

So this TV special should prove to be interesting what with all of the factors considered.  Pamela dressed in white as the Virgin Mary.  Possibly Michael Buble doing an inspirational song.  Jon Lovitz doing whatever it is Jon Lovitz does.  The Christian community getting all bent outta shape. And…..the most crucial question of all……………….

Will Pamela Anderson depict the Virgin Mary as well endowed.

(NOTE)  Now keep in mind folks that I expect to get flack from reporting this piece of entertainment news.  Also keep in mind that I am Catholic, so that should count for lessening the amount of flack I get.  Kinda like being Italian. I get to tell Italian jokes without getting any flack.  Except for that one time I got a call from some guy named Guido. So any of you Christians out there that are gasping at all of this, just remember this…………..

God has a sense of humor.  Otherwise why would he have given us Republican debates, Father Guido Sarducci, Donald Trump, and the Reverand Robert Jefferrs.

Trusta me, Goda hasa sense of humor. I tella him jokes alla da time.

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