Frank Miller Goes Off On Wall Street Protesters….Big Time!

Frankly, I’ve never heard of Frank Miller. To be absolutely frank with you, which I frankly try to be whenever I write a blog that has a lot of frankness in it.  So, again, to be frank with all of you…..”who the hell is Frank Miller?”

And why is he all bent outta shape over the Wall Street Protesters? WHAT!……does he like live on Wall Street or something or is he just making an attempt to get his name out there as another froot loop in search of publicity.

So who is Frank Miller and what exactly did he say about those Wall Street Protesters?

I’ll tell ya. Frank Miller is a comic who writes comic books for DC, Marvel and Dark Horse comics which include “Batman” “The Dark Knight Returns,” and “Sin City 300.”  None of which, other than Batman, have I ever heard of.  I must be out of the loop. Or, nobody else has heard of him either and that’s why he’s spouting off about the protesters.

Is it me or does Frank Miller resemble Freddie Kruger? Which may explain his recent tirade.

Here’s what he said: (partial quote)

“The Occupy movement whether displacing itself on Wall Street or in the streets of Oakland, is anything but an exercise of our blessed first amendment. Occupy is nothing but a pack of louts, thieves, rapists and an unruly mob fed by Woodstock era nostalgia and putrid false righteousness. These clowns can do nothing but harm  America.”

Now I’m thinking that Frank either had a bad day in the comic book office, maybe spilling some ink on his best pair of khakis, or he just has something against louts, thieves, rapists unruly mobs and clowns. Oh yeah, and against anyone who still remembers the Woodstock Festival from back in the 60’s.

Geez….lighten it up a bit Frank buddy.  Ok, I can see you getting upset about protesters on Wall Street if you happen to be in that 1% that they’re protesting against. I’m assuming you’re in that 1% because you’re so pissed off.  Other wise it’s all those other groups that are making you nuts. THAT I can understand.  You know, those louts, thieves, rapists, unruly mobs and clowns.

And that damn Woodstock mentality era….WTF!!!   Bunch of no good rotten pot smoking running around half-naked hippie freaks.  Um….wait Frank…..I was one  of them.  Oops……

Ok, Ok, so lets take the rapists.  I see your point. Don’t want no rapists running around Wall street protesting ANYTHING!  Louts, well, ya might want to cut those louts a little bit of slack.  A lout’s life is kinda boring so I can see them wanting to mix in with a crowd….just for companionship. Rapists and thieves I can go along with too. Don’t want any rapists and thieves protesting and then doing raping and thievery in between holding up protest signs.

Same for unruly mobs.  Although I do feel a bit of sympathy for unruly mobs these days what with the fact that there’s not much of a calling for unruly mobs as far as employment goes.  I think the last big gig for unruly mobs was in “Frankenstein” during that unruly mob tar and feather scene.  So, an occasional unruly mob here and there on Wall street should be allowed.

Finally, clowns.  Now really Frank….CLOWNS!   Everybody loves clowns and to get upset that clowns are protesting is simply going over the edge.  Clowns have families too and they have to earn a living, which is far below what those 1% people are making.  So I have to differ with you on dissing the clowns. Especially when Frank said, “These clowns can do nothing but harm America.”

FRANK!!   Clowns harming America!  Give me one example of Bozo the clown harming America.  Or Howdy Doody’s Clarabelle, or Emmett Kelly.  I personally looked up their rap sheets and there’s no record of any clowns harming America.  So there!

Bozo The Clown caught in an off moment at a Wall St. Protest.

I just think Frank mentioned clowns because he may have a severe case of clownaphobia and decided to include clowns in his tirade in the hope that people would side with him and it would incite a backlash against clowns.

Ain’t gonna happen Frank.  We from the Woodstock and clown generation are gonna hold our ground.  Maybe even the louts too.  You go right ahead and go after those thieves and rapists but keep your ink stained hands off of our unruly mobs, louts, clowns and Woodstock seniors.

Ok everybody…..anybody for going to Oakland, D.C. or New York for a really good unruly mob, lout, clown and Woodstock senior protest?

Don’t forget to bring your meds………………………

and ink eradicator, jusssssst in case Frank Miller shows up.

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