And You Thought Reality Shows Were Only On TV

This past week all ya had to do was watch television news or read your local newspaper to be entertained by reality.  You didn’t even have to watch a television reality show.  I think I may ask my cable company to give me a refund because I didn’t even have to watch television to be entertained.

First, the greatest quote of the week, and, a really funny one, comes from “Time Magazine’s” Joe Klein. In the 11/14 issue in his article entitled, “The Republican Romper Room,” he goes off on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s weird rant in a speech in New Hampshire where he “shrugged, rolled his eyes, bobbed his head, churned his fists, and flashed robotic thumbs up accompanied by loony grins.”   The priceless quote by Klein:

“He seemed like a fugitive from the Cartoon Network.”

Personally I think that if cartoon characters were to run for the Presidency and wind up in a debate with some of those candidates, the cartoon characters would definitely have the edge.  Now if Jessica Rabbit were to run, she’d hands down get my vote….(pant)

J-J-J-Jessica R-R-R-Rabbit. Ohhhh baybee....please run for the Republican Nomination for President.


As you’ve all heard by now, unless you’ve been on some other planet, habitual probation offender and soon to eventually be on the “FBI’s Most Wanted List” Lindsay (I have no freakin’ clue as to why she’s a celebrity) Lohan will be appearing in the January/February 2012 issue of “Playboy Magazine.” Sources say that the pictorial will feature Lohan nude but, “strategically covered up in certain shots.”

(note to any inmates who manage to get their hands on the Playboy issue featuring Lohan and are upset with the “strategically” placed thingys that cover up her toys…..fear not, on her next parole violation when the judge once again sentences her to the slammer, ya might get a free show if you play your cards right.  Hmmmm…..might want to just pass on buying the magazine and save a few bucks and just wait till she shows up.  Nothin’ like the real thing.)

Example of "strategically" placed clothing. What every ya do Lindsay....DO NOT SNEEZE!

I’ve always been one to say that there’s nothing like a good education.  Especially if you love school, love learning new things, and have a really great teacher….say like former porn star Sasha Grey.  Yep, I’d be out of bed, onto the ol school bus, and in the classroom before my mother would even have to wake me up.  Grey is reading to children in Los Angeles in their elementary school “Read Across America” program.  Which is fine, but, which has some parents in an outrage.  Angry parents want her outta there but she’s holding her ground.

Grey commented: “I am committed to this program with the understanding that people would have their own opinions about what I have done, who I am and what I represent.”

Hi little boys and girls. I'm your teacher Sasha. Before we begin today's lesson, will little Johnny in the third row please stop drooling.

WHAT!!!  Sex and porn maybe?  What’s the big deal parents?  Lighten up a bit for cripes sake.  What’s the worst that could happen anyway?

“Ok children, today we’re gonna read the story of Jack and Jill.  You may have heard that Jack and Jill did indeed go up the hill to fetch a pail of water.  That in the process of going up that hill, Jack and Jill’s parents gave them each a dollar and a quarter.  And, upon further research by authorities, a special Congressional committee, and their parents, that it was determined that Jill came back down that hill with two dollars and fifty cents.  Which of course raises the question, did they really go up that hill for water.”

Finally, has anybody noticed the strange absence of our most beloved cartoon character Sarah Palin and her super star daughter Bristol?  Or is it just me hoping that I’d have something about Sarah to write about.  Maybe I missed something.  I very well could have. I mean, here I was watching the Herman Cain show on reality TV and perhaps Sarah did appear somewhere and I just missed her.


Sorry, I just get a wee bit squeamish when Sarah or Bristol aren’t in the news. I’m beginning to show signs of Palin withdrawal symptoms. The craving for a baked Alaska.

Oh well….maybe she’ll show up next week.  In the meantime I’m off to watch the Cartoon Channel. I think the next set of debates is being televised there and it’s being hosted by none other than Micky Mouse and Goofy.

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