Social Media: Facebook,Sodahead,Twitter etc…..BUT…How About A Loony Toon Social Media Site.

Sometimes I get so frustrated reading comments on social media sites.  I actually get to the point of pulling my hair out, if I had any hair to begin with. So, with no hair, I usually just mutter a lot of WTF’s and the proceed to go out in my backyard and bang my had against a freakin’ tree.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I think everybody has the absolute right to post whatever it is they think or whatever their opinions are on any social media site like Facebook, Sodahead, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.  (if I failed to include other social media sites it’s due to the fact that my feeble-minded brain can’t keep up with every single site out there)

But sometimes I think a new social media site needs to be out there. “The Loony Toon” site.

MisfitWisdom's perception of "some," not "all" of people making comments on social media sites.

I’m going off on social media sites today because of the Herman Cain sexual harassment stories floating around all over the place.  I really don’t give a rats ass about all of this other than to write an occasional blog about Cain depending on what I can find humorous about all of this stuff.  Just like I wrote about Anthony Weiner’s wiener bulge; Clinton’s Lewinsky closet encounter; Mark Sanford’s mistress; Larry Craig’s men’s room encounter; Eliot Spitzer’s hooker hookering or Newt’s insensitivity.  It’s all up for grabs when you write comedy. No partisan separation as far as I’m concerned.

But, that said, what sends me into a complete frenzy, and I don’t usually go into any type of frenzy unless I overdo it on Viagra and my other half locks me up in a closet until it all passes, is that sometimes I go to these sites just to see what’s going on, read posts that are so stupid and written just to piss people off, and have actually nothing to do with responding logically to an issue.

Sooooo, after the Herman Cain news conference I did just that.  Just to see what people’s reactions were to the latest round of accusations against Cain.  Now I can completely understand that there are going to be two sides to people’s opinions.  Those pro Cain and those anti Cain.  I have no argument there.  But…..being the stoopid logical person that I am, I posted a question just to see what reaction I would get, and, also because I truly wanted an answer to what I perceived to be a perfectly logical question.

Did I get one?  No!  Why…..because obviously my question was waaaaay too logical, and, those loony toons on these social media websites just like to spout off rather than say, “Hey, now there’s an intelligent question.”

What I asked was this:  “If Herman Cain is innocent of all sexual harassment charges and none of this stuff happened that he’s accused of, why did the “National Restaurant Association” feel it necessary to pay one of these women a ($45,000)  settlement?   Logical question….don’t ya think?

Apparently not.  Either I was ignored, or given a label of some sort.  I was mostly ignored.

(One person did respond after I had posted that question and their response was in the actual post below from Sodahead:)

Jay  replied, “They didn’t the left the company so they paid the their salary for leaving…”


HEY!  It was a simple question.  All I wanted was a damn simple answer.

“Dear, would you take out the trash?”

“WHAT!  Why are ya asking me to take out the trash. What are you some sort of sadistic pervert asking me that question. What’s with you anyhow? I’m not gonna respond to that request because I know you have an ulterior motive. What the hell’s your damn logic anyhow?  Next you’ll be accusing me of never taking out the trash. I’m not stupid ya know.  I know this isn’t some simple question and you have a hidden agenda.  Screw you, I’m not gonna respond to that question.”

Yes…..a silly example of making my point, but think about it.  All I asked was a simple question about Cain and no one responded. Except that one loony toon.  The rest were all too busy either defending Cain or dissing him.  WTF!!

So, does anybody have an answer WITHOUT going off the edge of the planet? I don’t care….defend him or diss him but give me a freakin’ answer.  If that’s at all possible.

Now, I’ll give you my own opinion for what it’s worth. Usually zilch.  Which is……if all of these accusations of sexual harassment are false, and I have my doubts as to which they are, why the payout?

So….SOMEBODY…..ANYBODY….GOD…..AN ALIEN FROM ANOTHER PLANET…..ANYBODY!!!!!   What’s the answer to my question? Which is….why did the NRA pay settlements to these women?

(anyone reading the comments to this blog on Sodahead, Facebook, Twitter, Mars, Jupiter, or any other place, pay close attention to the responses. You will be able to sort out the loony toons from the logical people immediately by observing who actually has an answer to my question and the ones that go on the “all out attack” defensive)

Careful….I have an attack cat.

Tune in tomorrow on the MisfitWisdom blog when I’ll address something less controversial, considering this IS November and the usual question arises……..

Who was the shooter on the Grassy Knoll?

For the record I’ve ruled out Lyndon Johnson, Fidel Castro, Osama bin Laden, Donald Trump, Lindsay Lohan, The Roadrunner, Yosemite Sam, Shrek, (or Mike Myers in a Shrek costume) and Dick Cheney.   Although I can’t be 100% sure of where Dick Cheney was on November 22nd, 1963.

Most likely out in the woods somewhere with a gun hunting animals…but….ya can’t be absolutely sure. You all know how hard it is for him to distinguish an animal from a person when out in the woods with a biggggg gun.

Oops….here come the pro-Cheney people on Sodahead.


(DONATE)  Due to the fact that I am not a politician, do not have a “super pac” like they do, or Steven Colbert, and am just a poor old feeble-minded person living on the bare essentials, I have posted my MisfitWisdom PayPal link below.  Obviously to solicit donations. Which so far hasn’t produced any. If the link is not highlighted, copy and paste it into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site should you care to donate.  Bribes accepted.

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