Geez, How’d I Get This Label On Me? And it Doesn’t Say, “Kick Me”

OMG!!!  OMG!!!  I’ve upset someone.  They even called me a….a……(gasp) “brain-dead liberal.”  OMG!!!

What happens when siblings have "label" differences. (

What happened folks was that I wrote about Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain in one of my blogs last week and it apparently upset someone who actually read that blog and they’re response to that blog was, “I don’t need to read some demented blog from some brain-dead liberal to know everything about you.”

Does this mean someones stalking me?  Geez….I hope it’s a woman. Or, a stalk of asparagus that’s brain-dead…..preferably female.

Hmmm…..what exactly is a brain-dead liberal anyhow?  Scuse me a sec. I have to go to my Funk and Wagnells once again to determine if I should really be upset that I’ve been called a brain-dead liberal.

Looking up the word “liberal,” only because on Sunday’s I am usually brain-dead, as are most of us on the weekends.

Let’s see, “liberal:”  1. “Characterized by or inclining towards opinions or policies favoring progress or reform, as in politics or religion.”

Hmmm….ok…..that might be me.  I kinda like “progress” or “reform. Does this mean conservatives don’t?

2. “Not intolerant or prejudiced; broad-minded.” Yeah, I fit in there too. I didn’t think I was prejudiced because I also mentioned in my blogs that other candidates and or politicians over the years from both parties were involved in scandals. And, “broad-minded,”……geez….I’ve had my mind on broads for years, although now that I’m much older, I tend to call them sexy hot babes and do most of my own stalking at local bingo halls on Friday nights.

3. “Characterized by generosity or lavishness in giving.”  Yep, that’s me too, except I’m usually dirt broke so I can’t be generous, or lavish anyone including myself.

4. Suitable for persons of broad cultural interests.” Hmmmm, like maybe writing about Herman Cain, (R) and then writing about Bill Clinton, (D) and then Newt Gingrich,( R) and then Anthony Weiner,D) and then Rick Perry, (R) and then Eliot Spitzer, (D) but then being called a brain-dead liberal because I picked on Herman Cain?  WTF!

So who’s the brain-dead one here. Ok, I’ll cut ya some slack. I do admit to being demented, but, “brain-dead” because I wrote about Herman Cain!  I’m more upset that this person called me a “liberal” than “brain-dead.”  Brain dead I can accept because there are times during the course of a regular day when I am actually brain-dead. I usually call it my afternoon nap.

Now I absolutely hate labels in politics. Yes, I know that we have to label parties Democratic, Republican, Tea, Libertarian, Independent and so on. Otherwise how would ya tell them apart.  But to label someone either liberal or conservative is nucking futs.  WHY….because certain people have certain ideas? That’s fine….but some, like the guy that labeled me a liberal and brain- dead…oh yeah, and demented, make it sound soooooooooo dirty.  (sniff)

It’s like…..”Hey, your mother wears combat boots!”   But, changed to, “Hey your mother’s a liberal,!”  Or conservative…..whatever boot fits.

I look at it this way folks.  Everybody has an opinion…..kinda like assh**es. Yes, that includes me too……I checked, and I DO have an assh**e. So that automatically qualifies me to have an opinion….as it did that person who labeled me. Even though I think he was rather crude and somewhat borderline psycho for stating that he, “knows everything about me.”  THAT’S  SCARY! I really hope he was saying that in jest.  I looked up his bio and he really seems like a decent guy.  So, um, maybe he was having a brain-dead day. Or lost at one of those senior center bingo nights. You know how devestating that can be.

We should all agree to disagree, but be civil about it.  No one should label anyone because of their views regardless of where they stand. Liberal or conservative has nothing to do with anyone’s ideas as far as I’m concerned. Why should anyone be labeled for an idea or a viewpoint?  And in the daily news events which I attempt to inject humor into, regardless of any party affiliation, it should be taken with a grain of salt, (Morton’s) …….and a time to sit back and laugh.  No labels.

Reminds me of an old story I’ll leave you with about labels.

Back when the South was deep into segregation, blacks and whites were divided into groups when it came to riding the bus.  Blacks were required to sit in the rear of the bus, while whites rode up front.  This of course was discrimination and the way it was back then.

When arguments broke out on the bus between blacks and whites because of that discrimination, it got to the point that something had to be done. Discrimination had to be stopped and everyone had to be treated equally.

So one day the bus driver, in the midst of one of those arguments on the bus, pulled over and made everyone get off of the bus.

“Ok, everyone….listen up.  I’m sick and tired of all of this discord between blacks and whites.  This has got to stop.  There isn’t going to be any difference between any of you anymore.  I will not stand for any discrimination of any kind on my bus….do I make myself perfectly clear?  From now on there isn’t going to be any blacks or any whites. Everyone is going to be green.

Everyone nodded in agreement and said to each other that it was about time that everyone was treated equally.

With that, the bus driver got back on the bus and motioned to all of the people that it was time to get back on the bus:   “Ok folks, it’s time to get back on the bus.  Dark green to the rear of the bus and light green up front.”

See how labels used to be.

The only good labels are the ones on products….not people……like Morton’s salt…..which everyone should take a grain of before reading my blogs.

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2 Responses to Geez, How’d I Get This Label On Me? And it Doesn’t Say, “Kick Me”

  1. Doc says:

    well, let’s see..

    You can label me an American Patriot from Middle America living in North America east coaster, Mass liberal limey, kike, homey, honky, cracker, Charlie, bule, merkin, yank.

    People also label me as a left lane hog; old fogie; chauvinistic; paternalistic; acerbic; boob (I always ask where); broadminded (I always ask where); friend of liberals; friend of conservatives; idiot; too smart for my own good; so stupid; too smart for them; “ugly, too” (whenever I ask for a second opinion); rich (not Richard); dick (not Richard); cheap; charitable; cute; handsome;


    asinine; ass; jackass; dumb-ass; stupid ass; ass man; assertive; asset; assiduous; self-assured; self-made; maid; manservant; make-out artist; mad;

    {{sigh}} the list of my labels could go one and on.

    At least I’m not brain-dead like some people….

    As Maurice Chevalier once said (or was it Charles DeGaulle?): “Vive la difference!!”

    American Made

    • misfit120 says:

      I tried to label you, as you said, but the label I gave to FedEx and UPS was labeled “VOID”…soooo, I guess you’re stuck with that one Doc

      Click here for my daily blog.

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