Run For Your Lives!!! It’s A Giant Iceberg!!! and me with no vodka.

Here I was all set to sit back and pop a bottle of 7-Up with just a slight dash of vodka in celebration of the retirement of Christian leader and wing nut Harold Camping, when I came across the story about a giant mother of an iceberg about to break away from whatever it is icebergs break away from….other icebergs I guess. Obviously I said to myself, “Misfit, this deserves more vodka in my 7-Up.”

Not only to celebrate Camping’s retirement, but to calm my nerves about this giant iceberg floating down from Antarctica and slamming itself into the Thames river thereby causing a giant flood of major proportions and drowning everything in sight. Including the Mohegan Sun Casino which happens to be on the shores of the Thames River.  Damn!

The giant glacier crack which will eventually cause this bigggggg chunk of ice to break away, float down the East coast, and destroy all of mankind as we know it. Everyone must take action now...(see below)

Oh yeah, Camping is retiring after he blew three “end of the world” predictions and getting tons of people to donate their life savings accounts over to his church.  Think maybe he’s retiring to some small exotic island far from any icebergs and with lots of women in grass skirts. Way to go Harold.

HEY…ya see that “donate” button at the bottom of this blog.  Better donate all of your savings accounts, homes, cars, women, pets and lottery tickets to MisfitWisdom right now because the world is gonna end on, um…..(calculating)…… um…..well I don’t have any real idea when the world is exactly gonna end, but, hey, just to be on the safe side, ya better donate now.  Geez….if it worked for Harold I thought I’d at least give it a crack.

Scientists from NASA, namely Michael Studinger of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center that the iceberg they’ve spotted in Antarctica covers about 340 square miles. Holy Rhode Island Batman!  I say this because you can drive through the entire state of Rhode Island in 45 minutes, which means it’s not only the smallest state, but if that damn iceberg hits it, Massachusetts and Connecticut will suddenly acquire some prime beachfront property.

Incidentally, Rhode Island’s license plates say, “Ocean State” on them, which may have been the idea of Harold Camping when he foresaw that giant iceberg breaking loose and heading down the East coast. Hmmmm……maybe he retired jssssst a bit too early.

NASA’s exploration of icebergs in Antarctica is called, “Operation Ice Bridge,” which is nothing like the “bridge to nowhere” up in Gravina Island which is in Ketchikan, Alaska which is really “nowhere” which is why they called it the bridge to nowhere. Just a bit of historical info for ya.

Studinger, the NASA scientist was really excited about all this iceberg stuff and said, “We are actually now witnessing how it happens and it’s very exciting to us.”   To me, this would be like watching grass grow.  But, we all know that it doesn’t take much for scientists to get excited. Just watch some of those old Frankenstein movies when the creature comes to life and you’ll get my drift.


So, that’s the next thing we all have to worry about as soon as that giant iceberg starts floating out into the ocean and to God knows where. Hopefully where Harold Camping is lying back in his beach chair counting all of the cash he has from those suckers who gave him all their money and possessions because they thought the world was gonna come to an end.

Um, did I mention that I’m still calculating when the world is coming to an end and I’ll’ take any donations………………jusssssst in case. (see below)

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Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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