Bring Out The Nut Balls…It’s Party Time….and “FFFF” Award Time.

I’m really beginning to suspect that there’s a new drug out there that’s really potent and causes excessive stupidity.  How else can ya explain the nut ball comments made by the queen of nut balls, Ann Coulter and Donald “The Donald” Trump, both who are most likely suffering from a lack of oxygen or in Trump’s case,  inhaling too much hair spray in the morning.

The MisfitWisdom "Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award." Presented to our idiots of the day, "Donald Trump" and "Ann Coulter" for outstanding stupidity above and beyond what normal idiots usually do.

Now, you all know that I absolutely love Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert on “Comedy Central.”  My own personal opinion is that Colbert’s and Stewart’s take on the news is not only funny, entertaining, and right on the mark, but it presents the news from both sides.  You may disagree with me, and that’s fine, but I’ll have to kill you.  Only kidding folks, I wouldn’t really go that far…..maybe just a slap on the side of the head might do it.

For instance, jussssst in case you do not have an open mind and watch all of the news channels as I do.  (I really try to keep an open mind, which is sometimes very difficult considering my mind is filled with logic, which most people tend to dismiss, including all of my friend (1) and my other half)

Stewart the other night did a routine on the Herman Cain sexual harassment story saying that everything in the former “Godfather’s” pizza chains past sounds dirty.  Of course, this WAS humor, which some people, (Trump, Coulter) have no freakin’ idea what the hell humor is.

“Isn’t it an ice cream truck that drives through neighborhoods selling black walnut ice cream Misfit?”

No you two idiots…….that’s “Good Humor,” which obviously you and The Donald have none of.

Stewart did an imitation in an Italian dialect when mocking what might sound dirty if Cain said it.

“Hey, you want sausage on your pie.” and, “My favorite ice cream is black walnut.” And, “Hey, stop looking at my black walnuts.” (Cain actually said his favorite ice cream was black walnut)

Enter “The Don.”  Who, hasn’t been in the news lately and seized upon this opportunity to get his name back in the news.  Trump said with reference to the Stewart skit:  “Nobody else could pull that off.  Where’s Reverend Jackson and Reverend  Sharpton. Where are all the critics that if somebody else did it, it would be a disaster.”

Trump went on…as usual:  “It’s not what he said, but the way he said it. The tone of his voice, the inflection, unbelievable. Anybody else, deep, deep, trouble.”

I’m assuming Trump was referring to Stewart’s Italian dialect when saying those lines….which I thought extremely funny, being Italian myself, loving sausage on my pizza, but opting for chocolate chip ice cream rather than black walnut.  Nothing against blacks mind you.  I just happen to like chocolate chip ice cream……with a cherry on top.

Oops…..was that sexual?

Now, I just used the word “black” in a funny way.  As did Stewart.  Does this mean I’m discriminating against blacks?  No.  It’s freakin’ humor folks.  BUT…..enter Ann Coulter to throw some logs onto the fire.  I’m tellin’ ya, shes’ a damn nutcase.

Coulter: “Black conservatives are better than black liberals. Our blacks are so much better than their blacks”

WTF!!!    “OUR”  She said “OUR.”  This makes it appear that she, or whoever she’s aligned with, most likely, as she said, “conservatives” appear to “own” blacks and that they are better blacks that liberal blacks.

How exactly do ya gauge that?  Is there like a test that conservatives give to each other or have a room filled with conservatives and liberals with questions that they all have to answer to determine which set of blacks are better?  Geez, I thought everyone was equal, blacks, whites, orange, purple, puce….um….well maybe not puce. Ya don’t see too many puce people running for office. In fact, I can’t ever recall seeing a puce person.

This is all nutsy stuff that Trump and Coulter are using to get media exposure.  And to counter the routine Stewart did on his show.

READ MY LIPS!!!!  (thanks George Bush Sr.)


Look my fellow human beings……..if there’s a news story about ANYTHING….especially a politician, it’s open season.  Lest we forget Anthony Weiner’s bulge, Bill Clinton’s B.J. (no, that does not stand for beef jerky) Gov. Mark Sanford’s mistress, Sen. Larry Craig’s restroom encounter, Eliot Spitzer’s hooker heaven, Pee Wee Herman’s undercover overcoat supposed erection, or Mickey Mouse’s fling with Miss Piggy.

Not too many people are aware of the giant scandal when Mickey was caught in a motel room with Miss Piggy and denied there was anything going on other than a casual get together. YET….some called her a PIG! Probably Ann Coulter.

Lest we all forget Snow White living in a small cottage with several single men.  Which is why SHE never got into politics.

My point here is that politics is politics.  If you’re accused of something, everybody (media) is going to jump on the bandwagon and ride this story like a horse.  It’s what the hell they do.  If you’re in the pubic….um……I meant public, (sorry Clarence Thomas) if you’re in the public eye people are gonna search every aspect of your life and nail ya.  You will become fodder for anyone doing comedy as well. Live with it!!!  If you’re innocent, it’ll all blow over.  If you’re guilty, basically you’re screwed.

In the case of Cain and the accusations. HEY!  None of us brought that on. Neither did Colbert or Stewart.  They’re just going with the flow and doing the reporting injecting humor in all of it. Ya wanna pick on someone, pick on the damn mainstream news media. No humor in their reporting folks.

Ya didn’t see Trump or Coulter screaming “foul” when Weiner got nailed for his bulge did you!  Did you hear any of them scream that conservatives had better bulges than liberals?  WAIT!  Wait until some woman politician gets nailed for something.  Are they gonna scream that conservative women have bigger boobs than liberal women?

Hmmm…..that might be worth checking out.

Sexual harassment, blacks, whites, and all of the other colors aside, I personally feel that if these accusations against Cain prove to be unfounded, then he deserves a chance to run for President based on his platform for America.

However, if the accusations prove to be true, and he was attempting to cover all of this up, then he needs to do what all other politicians accused of things have done…………………….

Keep denying any wrongdoing until they nail ya to the wall.

Worked for Weiner until the nail gun was brought out and they nailed him to the wall.

Pizza with some really hot sausage anyone?

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