What The Political Candidates Might Dress Up As On Halloween

NEWT GINGRICH: Sorry folks.....but it IS Halloween and in my warped mind this is the only costume I could picture Newt dressed in.

JON HUNTSMAN: With extensive experience as a diplomat, including negotiations with Zombies, this is the perfect outfit.

HERMAN CAIN: It's simply not enough to be the CEO of "Godfather's Pizza." Hermy needs to go big time and be the CEO of America with this outfit.

MICHELLE BACHMANN: Frankly I think she’d get a lot more votes if she dressed like this all of the time.

Trick or Treat!

PRESIDENT OBAMA: The best costume is the one he wears all of the time. So, the best thing for him to do on Halloween is dress as himself, but, do the reverse when knocking on a door. That is, give out treats instead of taking them....like one hundred dollar bills for the 99%

RICK SANTORUM: Rick, being somewhat goofy looking and coming across as a nerd might want to show his masculine side on Halloween by doing his best Brando impression.......STELLA!!!!

Basically that’s what you’re getting with the slate of political candidates that might come knocking at your door on Halloween night. So here’s a guide on how to recognize all of them.

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MITT ROMNEY: Scott Brown struck pay dirt by posing nude in Cosmo magazine, so Mitt needs to strike a sexy Halloween pose and wear this outfit when knocking on doors.

RON PAUL: Ron is basically ignored by everyone so he needs to generate some interest by dressing up as Elvis and singing, "Let Me Be Your Teddy bear."

RICK PERRY: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,.....scared ya didn't I. (actually he scared the hell outta me BEFORE he was even dressed like this)

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1 Response to What The Political Candidates Might Dress Up As On Halloween

  1. Doc says:

    I would correct Obama’s so-called $100 bill–it’s worth FAR less than three years ago…back side should show his ass instead of his face. It wouldn’t even be accepted as counterfeit. And, it should be all green and wrinkly like the fake baby powder he puts in his hair. In fact, he shouldn’t be on any bill, except for a duck’s.

    2012 can’t come soon enough

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