Occupy Wall St….In A Comcast Office…HOLY HDTV!!!

Yesterday I wrote about what percentage I might be with regard to the protestors Occupying Wall street and various outdoor bathrooms across America.  (note: if you’re planning to protest you might wanna make sure you go to your own bathroom first rather than attempt to find an empty one while you’re protesting)  Just a suggestion for those of you, (mostly women) who can’t hold it for a long time.

Hey, ya think I’m kidding.  How many men do ya see standing outside of a restroom waiting for a woman in comparison to women waiting for men?  Take it from a guy who’s spent much time waiting outside of a lady’s room for my other half. My thinking is that they should have little concession stands outside of ladies rooms for the guys to hang out at….or at least a Keno game setup.

Anyhow, getting back to Occupy Wall Street.  I ventured out of my sanctuary yesterday to upgrade my TV service and had to go to the local Comcast office located in upper Brackanastan. Not an easy place to get to unless you have a GPS system, plenty of food to hold you till you find the place, and have at least 24 hours to kill.

The ONLY reason I have cable service. (cartoon-T. McCracken)

Upon entering the Comcast office I encountered the entire population of Connecticut waiting in line to be serviced by two customer service representatives, one of whom was talking on the phone attempting to get her own service upgraded.

Soooo, I sat myself down, after I determined exactly where it was that I would be “next” in line.  Which was immediately decided for me by the 500 agitated people in line who were ready to draw and quarter anyone who attempted to cut the line.  After deciding that I was 501st in line, they all relaxed and after a few minutes we began to bond as a united group on the verge of looting and sacking the Comcast office and burning the customer service reps. at the stake.

Seemed like a great idea to me, as well as all the others, but we decided that we’d rather discuss the Wall Street Occupiers and their mission due to the fact that “now” we could sympathize with them.

The discussion centered around Comcast being a prime example of how no one gives a rats ass about us lowly peons.  That the middle class were being phased out. That elected officials were not worth dog crap and we should all vote them out, and that all of us completely understood the protest movement.  All of this brought on by our Comcast experience.

Someone even suggested that we vote all elected officials out.  And I said in reply, “But who in the hell are we gonna vote in, they’re all the same!”  Everyone at that point agreed we should vote for normal everyday people, such as ourselves to run the country, especially people subscribing to Comcast. This due to the fact that we were, after waiting for over an hour, ready to revolt.  Someone even said that this protest movement eventually will lead to a revolution in America. See……the Beatles were right.  (download the song “Revolution” by the Beatles)

So here I was, surrounded by ordinary people ready to pick up pitchforks, tar, and feathers and head out into the streets. For the first time I had a taste of the total discontent of the regular American. Ordinary people like you and I.  Um, well I can’t speak for them, but I knew at least I was ordinary. BUT….after hearing all of them I can see why those Wall Street protestors have hit a nerve.  It is possible that this could be the beginnings of a revolution in America.  And there are no Red Coats from England involved in this one. Although there was one guy there that suspiciously did have on a lot of red clothing and spoke with an accent. Had a cup of tea in his hand too.

So I’m beginning to see first hand, and foot, the frustration we low and middle class are feeling.  One person in the crowd even said that she thought the “middle class” would eventually be phased out.  Really doesn’t affect me because I’m in the ultra lower class which is somewhat below garden slugs. And they won’t dare phase us out because if they do, who in the hell is gonna collect garbage, clean restrooms, scoop up road kill and play penny slot machines at casinos?

I personally want to thank Comcast for enlightening me on how my fellow Americans feel.  If it were not for that experience I might still be living in my fantasy world where little children frolic in open fields with flowers, every day is a sunny one, politicians were all honest and cared about us, corporations were really people, just like us, banks actually cared about our weekly $5.00 savings deposit, and Newt Gingrich only had one wife……as long as she were healthy and not dying from some disease.

I feel much better now knowing that of all those 99% people who are protesting, I can now classify myself as one of them.  Along with the other 499 people I met yesterday at Comcast.

Gotta go now folks……because there were those 500 people at that Comcast office and I couldn’t find a decent restroom, along with the fact that some woman was in there for what seemed like hours and I really have to go bad ….NOW!!!

Got some tar and feather residue on me too…..damn!

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