Is Pat Robertson A Wingnut?……………..GEEEZ!!!

Don’t get me wrong folks. I personally have a lot of wing nuts in my tool room and I use them quite a lot.  Unfortunately none of them resemble Pat Robertson. As far as I can tell.  Hmmmm…….I like my wingnuts….maybe I should have said, “Is Pat Robertson a freakin’ nutcase” instead.

Why, you ask, am I picking on Pat Robertson all of a sudden.  I’ll tell ya why.  Because he’s a freakin’ certifiable nutcase…..that’s why!  Followed verrrrry closely by Rick Perry for once again bringing up the Obama birth certificate thing.  THEN, when a reporter asks him why he brought it up, says he can’t be bothered with silly stuff (meaning the reporter’s question about Obama) and they should be asking him questions about his campaign.  WTF!!!

But, as far as I’m concerned, Perry ranks second in line to Pat Robertson.  Oh yeah, and Pastor Robert Jeffress, Donald Trump, Glenn Beck, Lindsay Lohan, and Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Thnx: Horsey Pitttsburgh-Post Gazette

One of Robertson’s past quotes: “The feminist agenda encourages women to kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

Holy crap Batman!  All that from the feminist movement. And to think, Gloria Steinman was once a Playboy bunny who might have been practicing witchcraft after killing her husband who might have been dating a lesbian who was out to destroy capitalism and didn’t want him to find out.

I personally think capitalism is fine.  Where would we be today if we didn’t capitalize certain words and the beginning of sentences?  The entire English language would collapse.  So I really don’t think the feminist movement is out to destroy capitalism.  As far as killing husbands and becoming a lesbian, I haven’t seen any instance of that happening in the news.  Yet. At least the killing husbands part.

Oh yeah, and by the way, Robertson once claimed that the reason the earthquake hit Haiti is because Haitians made a pact with the devil a long time ago and the earthquake was payback.  Which is one reason I never make any pact with the devil to hit the lottery.

So, what does Robertson do after saying all of those things?  He goes on television and tells the slate of Republicans running for the presidency to, tone it down and says that the GOP is getting too extreme to win elections.  “Those people in the Republican primary have got to lay off this stuff.”

WHAT STUFF?  Oh yeah, claims they’ve had a message from aliens to run for office, that witchcraft isn’t so bad after all, that feminists contribute to lesbian animals, um…ok, so I made that stuff up, but you get the point.  Robertson is saying that he thinks the candidates are all saying goofy stuff rather than concentrating on getting elected.  Which is why “GOP” stands for “Goofy Old Party.”

YET….Robertson is the leader in goofyisms.  (I made that word up)

This is like Newt Gingrich telling Bill Clinton he shouldn’t mess around with other women.  WAIT!!!  I think Newt actually said that during the impeachment proceedings.  Maybe.

My advice to any Republican candidate running in this election.  Beat feet as fast as you can in the opposite direction of Pat Robertson. CANDIDATES!!!……this guy is the kiss of death for cripes sake. Run, hide, deny that you even know him. Head outta town….somewhere quiet and peaceful till all of this blows over.  Perhaps a trip to Rick Perry’s hunting camp.. You know, that quiet scenic place called N-N-N-um…..oops……..something N***** Head.  Um, on second thought. don’t go there either.

Hmmmmmm………maybe Pat Robertson is right after all. Unless I’m reading all of this wrong and all of the candidates running are a bunch of wing nuts and Robertson is the only sane one………………………….. NAH…..

They’re ALL  bunch of wing nuts for saying the stupid stuff they say instead of concentrating on the issues and for listening to Robertson in the past, and, possibly ignoring his advice now, because what Robertson is telling them now actually makes sense and we all know Robertson has NEVER made any sense so why should they follow his advice now.  Makes sense to me if I was a GOP candidate running.

Hey Herman Cain….got a cigarette…..I have to sit back and think about all of this stuff.  It’s sooooooo confusing.  Especially the witchcraft, capitalism and lesbian parts.  Now, feminism I completely understand.

Which is why I support feminism 100%.  Which is why I ALWAYS renew my subscription to Playboy Magazine. Lots of feminism within those pages…..including the upcoming issue with Lindsay Lohan naked.

Um…..maybe I’ll skip that issue.

Oops.....I think Pat may have read this blog today.

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